Life is good!

We slept late (well, 7:45 is later than 6:30!) and had some family snuggle/tickle time in our bed.

We fixed a batch of banana nut muffins and some scrambled eggs for breakfast (and a BIG pot of pumpkin spice coffee for the grown-ups) while the kids watched an episode of Dora on the Spanish channel ~ I somewhat expected her to teach a few words of English...

Ian cleaned the kitchen and straightened up the living room while I got our son dressed (more like chased our naked son around the house).

We took a LONG walk with stop at the park
And right now Caleb is napping while Ian and Kylie watch the Carolina - State game.

Perhaps it isn't the most exciting afternoon, but I'm loving it! Life is GOOD!

**Ian had the magic touch and was able to get our camera off the video mode. We are however looking for a place to get it worked on...


NaiNai Miller said...

Knowing what you all have been through in the last 3 months, this sounds like the PERFECT way to spend your first weekend home together. I am so pleased that your life as a family of four is getting off to such a good start. You surely have worked hard for it. Enjoy!!
Love, nainai

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys are having a great weekend! It must be nice to have all four of you in one place for more than 12hrs at a time!
Love ya,
Aunt Cici