(Close to) Wordless Wednesday

I have arrived as an scrambled egg cook!

This was Kylie's second helping and she ate them all! (First time she ate my eggs...)

And I've found a protein that Caleb will eat!

And if you're impressed that they were already dressed for breakfast, don't be ~ they fell asleep in the car on the way home from meeting Ian for dinner last night and it was just easier to put them straight to bed! (They haven't bathed since Sunday ~ reality of two kids is hitting...)


Jordan Carl said...

man, don't they stink? Who doesn't clean their kids for 3 days? haha... Oh dear! I hope all is well!

Love you

Laurie said...

I really did love all your posts from China, but boy it sure is nice to see you doing "daily life" at home! I am getting more excited every day, partly due to watching you become a mom of two- a girl and a boy! I can't wait!! Good job keeping up with the blog so soon after being home. I'm sure all your friends like me and your family are loving it too!! What English words has Caleb learned?

Nicole said...

It's funny the way that works, you should try out the number FOUR sometime if you think 2 is challenging! After we added number four, we decided we would switch every other night on baths, big kids one night little kids the next, only problem is when it's the night for their bath their clean and when it's not, that's when they NEED one. Still working on this one ;)

Traci said...

Congratulations on cooking Kylie proof eggs! Love the cup Kylie is using! I knew that would be a hit! Who needs a bath anyway. CCCer's go weeks without baths! Ha ha!
Give the kids a huge kiss from Aunt Cici

MelLynn said...

im glad you guys made it home safely! as for the same clothes and not bathing thing, theres never too early a time to train them to be CCC staff people! let em learn early! just kidding, but i love you guys!

Mom of Triple As said...

You are too funny! I think Abby would rather starve than eat an egg~matters not who cooked it. Give the kids a bath in the middle of the afternoon and use it as play time. Give them lots of bubbles and a tub full of water. If you're lucky, they'll splash it all over the floor and when you wipe it up you can say you mopped the bathroom floor. Two birds with one stone!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Baths have always been overrated! So happy that eggs are at least one protein that Caleb will eat.
Love you, LaoLao