New Beginnings

Yesterday we closed one chapter of our lives and began a new one. My emotions were all over the map; I cried when I realized that it had been eight years ago this weekend that we moved in, I cried when I did a last walk-through to make sure we had everything, I cried when we said a final prayer, and then really cried when Ian pulled that Budget truck out of the driveway.

Of course with leaving one place comes the promise of a new adventure. Soon enough I began to focus on the positives of where we were headed. How blessed we are to be moving to a city where we already have friends ~ just one more "fingerprint of God" we see on our move.

Something that never ceases to amaze me is how LONG it takes to load a moving truck and how quickly unloading goes! We had a big crew come with us from Charlotte and several folks came out from here to participate in the effort. The truck was empty within an hour and less than three hours after we pulled in the driveway, Kylie's room was painted, the beds were set up, pictures were on the wall, and the kitchen was organized. There are still a few minor things to do, but I am so grateful for the help of family and friends that we love dearly to get us set up in record time!

A few quick pictures:

"Um, can someone tell me why the freezer is looking so empty?"
She just got strong enough to open the freezer and fridge door "all my by self" ~ food is never gonna be the same...

Just a few of the folks helping out.

Kylie took helping VERY seriously and insisted on making trip after trip!

More to come soon (but our cable isn't on yet and we can only keep Kylie entertained in Panera Bread so long) but for now I'll end with this ~ we're gonna be okay!


Laurie said...

So glad to hear your day went well and that you're already feeling somewhat settled- amazing!! That final walk through always does me in too! :( I have to mention before I end- LOVE the new design of the blog- it looks GREAT!

C.C. said...

Welcome to the Triangle...we're so happy you're here!!! And I LOVE your new blog format:-)

Nancy said...

I am sad for you about leaving Charlotte with so many memories but excited for you in this next chapter of your lives!

Love the new look of the blog and can't wait to follow your journey for Caleb!!!!

Praying that you all have a good night sleep in your new home!

Sharon said...

Love the new look!
I thought of you and prayed for you several times yesterday! May your new home be filled with abundant blessings!!
Glad my post spoke to you. Sometimes I think I am too "real" and then I read how what I said has impacted someone so it is worth it!

Mom of Triple As said...

How in the world did you manage to find time to get a new look for your blog? It's great! Can you post a picture or two of the new house so we can see where you are?

Nicole said...

I am so amazed you have time to stop over at our blog and leave encouraging comments! I just wanted to stop over here and let you know we are praying for you. For this new move and transition, and for your newest family member about to join your family in just days now. You know I was thinking, this move has been hard, I know, but I can only imagine it would be so much harder to do AFTER Caleb had been here. I know what the transition has been like for our little one, I cannot imagine adding a move to it too! Maybe another "fingerprint" of God??
Many many blessings,

Mendy said...

Love your header! Looks great! Glad to hear everything went well. We have a move coming up shortly, too. Your post brought tears to my eyes and excitement, too as your new chapter begins. Almost time to get Caleb! Have a blessed week.

Cindy M said...

Glad to hear you're somewhat settled...Kylie's room is painted already???? Whatever! No, seriously happy that stuff could get just makes a house a home. Wish we could be there to help, but it sounds as if you had lots of it! Now get busy packing, girl!!!

And I LOVE the blog makeover!

NaiNai Miller said...

Thank you, Kristi, for posting a blog so quickly after the move. It helps so much to read your words and see pictures now that you are in Raleigh. I hope when you are a family of four that you will still have time to keep us posted. I'm glad that I had a chance to help you move in because now I can picture in my mind's eye how you all look in your new home. And it is wonderful knowing that Ian has you right there now. Enjoy your time getting settled.
Love, NaiNai

Anonymous said...

we miss you already. :(
Aunt Cici