Looking out for siblings

My children just met on Monday morning. Oh sure, they've both seen pictures of each other for a while ~ Kylie's seen Caleb's face for months now and it is obvious that Caleb was shown the photo album we sent him last month ~ but in person they only met Monday! Yet it would appear to the casual observer ~and if I'm going to be honest, even to me ~ that they've been together much longer.

The casual observer would see them running together, tag-teaming mommy and daddy at restaurants, holding hands, taking toys from one another, and seriously competing for the prized spot in mommy's arms. All evidence of normal sibling behavior (at least from what I've observed with many of my friends' kids).

Yet there is more...

I have witnessed a few things that seem to take their relationship a bit farther. Take for instance a conversation I had with Kylie yesterday morning before breakfast.
"Mommy, where we goin' today?"
"Well sweetie, after we go eat breakfast, we are going to visit where Caleb used to live."
"I don't wanto!"
"Honey, we want to meet the lady that took care of Caleb for us until we could get here."
"No, I don't wanto!" (insert troubled voice and expression here)
"Why not honey?"
"Because I want Caleb to stay with us!" (almost tears at this point)
"Oh sweetie, we aren't going to leave Caleb there, he will come home with us! We are just going to visit!"
"Ooohhh! You will never leave him?" (light bulb went off in the brain face)
"No baby, just like you, we will never leave Caleb either. He is part of our family now!"
"Okay, let's go!" (big smile)
So even though he is hogging mommy's arms right now, she still wants him around ~ PRICELESS!

And then at breakfast yesterday Caleb was continuing his quest to single-handedly close the buffet down by cleaning it out himself (we learned yesterday that his first two words were "eat" and "drink" ~ that should be telling of this kid's appetite!) and Ian was going to come back to the room to get our day bags so we could meet Zoey on time in the lobby. Plan was that I'd stay with Caleb to let him finish eating and then Kylie decided she wanted to go with Daddy. As soon as Kylie disappeared Caleb began searching for her (his little head was whipping from side to side and he was turning around in his chair as far as he could) and when he couldn't find her he began to wail. Not wanting to ruin our reputation at the hotel buffet, I quickly scooped him out of his seat and headed to the elevator. He kept crying in my arms, but immediately stopped and then smiled when he saw his big sister.
So she tackles him to give him "big hugs," takes away his toys that came with him from the SWI, and constantly says "LuTao booyow" (Mandarin for no ~ pretty sad that we think she must think it is his middle name ~ we're using that word a lot right now because he is into EVERYTHING!) but he still wants her ~ PRICELESS!

Sitting (for the most part) peacefully together watching Ni Hao Kai-Lan with Kylie on the watch to tell Caleb not to press any of the buttons...
Gotta love them!

**The post on our visit yesterday is under construction. Both kids were sound asleep by 9:10 last night and I was going to work on it more, but until I got some of the packing done to be ready to go on to Guangzhou tonight I was pretty tired. Then around 11:30 Caleb had what must have been a night terror. If you haven't experienced these, they call them terrors because that's what the parents feel! We were concerned that something medically was going on and then just as suddenly as it started (following some prayer) it stopped and he went back to peacefully sleeping. That had me rattled and I opted to skip out on computer time.

New prayer request for today ~ we need Caleb's Chinese passport before we leave this province and our flight is at 8pm tonight. (Remember that we are 12 hours ahead of EST). Our schedule is pretty tight in Guangzhou with the medical exam tomorrow morning and then our consulate appointment on Monday and there isn't really room for us to be delayed getting there. Zoey got a call yesterday afternoon that his passport won't be ready this morning as scheduled and that it SHOULD (yikes) be ready in the afternoon... Thanks for praying!


Nicole said...

Gotta LOVE these little stories. I think we said "no" to Emmi more than anything else we said, the good news it that it gets better and you'll get to use it less!
You all seem to be settling into "family of four" quite well!
Praying for everything to happen for Caleb's passport on time!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Kylie not wanting Caleb to leave you guys makes my heart warm!!! I love the picture of them watching TV together. We will be praying that Caleb's passport gets to you on time! God is good... He will work it in on time!
Love ya ,

Heather said...

I will be praying for Caleb's passport right now - we found out that in our province they are not ususally ready until 5:30 TODAY, so I know the concern! :) Love hearing how the kids are doing, I can't wait to see my kiddos together very soon.


The Vinyards said...

I have loved reading your blog while you are in China. Your children are precious. Thanks so much for sharing!
The Vinyards (AWAA family)

Laurie said...

LOVED the pictures today!! I sure hope our big sister/little brother situation works out as well as yours has- I LOVE taking a peek at my own future through your blog! :)

Stephen said...

Oh, Kristi...the story of Kylie asking about Caleb's SWI was so precious. Made my eyes well up. So happy to see things are going well!! See you tomorrow!

Sharon said...

Saw your comment on my blog..LOl! Yes, get ready...those boys are made to be "Wild At Heart"...I have heard that at about the six month mark they really show their true personality and Hudson is coming out full force! He CRACKS US UP!!
Praying for the paperwork to get done quickly so your schedule isn't ineterrupted. Your two are precious!

Kimberly said...

Praying for the passport situation here in NC! Our flight to GZ was moved from PM to early AM on a Monday, and our guide had to pull some strings (I presume) to get our passports to us on a Sunday evening... so I totally understand your anxiety.

Also, the moment when Kylie realized that Caleb is part of the family forever was just precious. I'm so glad you shared that conversation with us. :-)

Cindy M said...

Sweet words! Do you feel like you kinda missed the "ramp up" with Caleb? When we got our girls, I felt like we had at least a little honeymoon where they acted like little babies (minus the punching-screaming-arching the back thing on C's part). Anyway, sounds like it's game on with little Caleb!:-)

And I absolutely LOVE that photo of Kylie givin' him the eye over the DVD player...funny!

Love you guys! Have fun seeing the Claybrooks tomorrow!

Our Journey said...

Praying for the passport right now!! (And calm for his sleep) I LOVE the story about Kylie not wanting to see Caleb go back to his foster-family - so sweet!!

Jordan Carl said...

that's so awesome. I have been telling all of my friends about Caleb and how well Kylie has been doing with him. It is good to hear that they are so close. I will definitely be praying.

Melissa said...

I LOVE reading about you saying NO often, that is too funny. It is amazing how Kylie wants Caleb to be a part of your family forever. Everything was just so perfect, and God's plan is working out just the way it's supposed to for you to be a happy family of four!!!Praying for Caleb's passport to be ready soon.....Love, Melissa

Anonymous said...

This is one time I wish I had a computer at home. I pray that by now you got Caleb's passport and are not in Guangzhou. Pray that all of your appointments today went well. Know you were excited to meet Henry Clayborn.
What a sensitive little girl, Kylie is. That she was afraid that you would leave Caleb at his foster home - warmed my heart.
People are asking what sizes Caleb is wearing. I know you took several sizes of clothes and shoes with you. Let me know so I can pass the word.
My prayers are constantly with all of your travel group.
Love, LaoLao

Mom of Triple As said...

Thanks for continuing to keep all of us updated. It's such fun to follow along. Don't know how you manage to keep up your blog and still comment on others, but glad you do! Am praying that everything continues to go smoothly--passport included.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! We'll eat candy for you, and save some for you...

Nancy said...

Awww.... siblings! I am so happy they are bonding!