Last night

So I forgot to give one funny detail about last night! When we came out of flower market alley I put Caleb down to zip up his jacket. I am facing a store window and have my back to the street. Suddenly I begin to hear a man's voice saying, "Hello, hello!" So I turn and look half expecting to see a Westerner wanting to take our picture. Nope, it's a man in uniform ~ we're guessing some sort of security guard ~ and when I make eye contact he smiles (almost laughing) and says, "Mr. Xie, Mr. Xie!" That totally confirmed that our exit from Mr. Xie Monday night was quite memorable... (Mom, it makes me think back to that night years ago in Ding Haw restaurant when Traci and I were behaving terribly and you and Dad decided to make an early exit. I now have a better feeling for what must have run through your mind that night! After 20 some years, I'm sorry for behaving that way! By the way, you haven't commented for a few posts ~ is everything okay with you?)

Our visit to the SWI today was wonderful ~ mentally exhausting, but wonderful! Thank you for your prayers for Caleb during the visit! We got to meet (and more importantly thank in person) his foster mother and we got to go the local school to meet (and say goodbye) to his five year old foster brother. I will be taking my time to record all my thoughts from the experience, so stay tuned. It's gonna take a while though and I may not post that one for a few days depending on how tired I am tonight.

Just because I can I'll toss in a few pictures from last night. I don't think I'll ever get tired of looking at my sleeping babies! This is how they started out last night...

...and when I heard a little commotion and saw this...

I decided maybe the tiny crib was best for Caleb after all!


Anonymous said...

They are just too cute!!!. . ... I am sure the visit yesterday was an emotional one...will look forward to hearing about it when you have had time to process all your thoughts and emotions. Miss you all!!!

Mom of Triple As said...

Seriously? That it is too funny the man recognized all of you from the restaurant. Just goes to show you that when you think, "Oh well, I'll never see this people just might." :) (and it turns out just fine!) I love the pictures of them sleeping together. I'm sure it can't be a restful sleep to be in that position, but I'd hate to separate them. They're so darn cute! Am so glad that your visit yesterday went well.

Jordan Carl said...

yikes, it must have been a really memorable time at Mr. Xie! Sounds like all is going well and that makes me smile. Love you cuz.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are priceless! What a blessing it is that they seem to be getting along so well!
I went to bed praying for you last night. I figured you were about to meet the foster family. I am glad to here it went well. I can't wait to here more about it. It makes my eyes swell with tears thinking about the whole situation. I didn't know he had a foster brother.
Aunt Cici and Uncle Adam

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah... do you know what his clothes size is? I was at Target yesterday and they had some things on clearance... but I wasn't sure what size he was. And Kylie is a 3T? is that right?
Can't wait to see you guys!!! Love ya!
Aunt Cici

Nancy said...

I love the sleeping pix! I am glad the meeting with the foster mom went ok. It must have been such a mix of feelings... gratitude, sadness, etc.

Melissa said...

What excitement to be following this journey with you....your writing is amazing, and the pictures are just precious. Your children were truly meant to be yours, and I love following along. I am sure the emotions ran high at the orphanage, I will have to get in touch with you when you get home to hear more. Thanks for sharing everything. Continue to have an amazing trip!

Karen said...

Oh, how precious they are! How did Caleb do with seeing his foster family again? I'm sure it was hard on everyone, but it's over now and your futures are just beginning.
I look forward to seeing the sleeping baby pictures, trying to imagine what position he'll be in next. Have a safe trip back.

Anonymous said...

Okay am I the only one who thinks it looks like they (Kylie and Caleb) were literally made to be siblings. Notice how one has one arm up and the other one has the opposite arm up so they could be joined. Pretty amazing, huh? I love the sleeping habbits. Anah and Sera slept like this for years. I think it is great they are able to relax and sprawl out on each other. Those will be proud mommy moments before too long. You won't worry about the sleeping. Enjoy your trip and I love the supper story. It just gets better and funnier. At least your family has left its mark! Can't wait to see you guys!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having fun while enjoying the experience of being "four".

TIP: If you two are going to walk around town with rice stuck to your butts, maybe tweed might be your choice of fabric. Ha.

Have fun. When do you head home?
That should be an expderience with two to entertain. Can we say Jim Beam?

Aunt Dee Dee