Touch of sweetness

This weekend we decided to embrace time as a family and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING concerning the house (well, nothing except make sure that shoes came off when anyone entered as the carpets were cleaned Friday morning ~ even the highlighter came out. I'm loving some Stanley Steemer!) and we just played.

Friday night we had dinner at our favorite Greek place and then went to Target to let Kylie pick out a few gifts to give to her brother when he gets home. Saturday we headed to Festival in the Park to watch entertainment and nosh on yummy fair type food. After several walks around the lake to admire all the artisans (and scope out the best eats) we grabbed a funnel cake and sat on the hill to listen to a band. Kylie had a blast dancing ~ and caught the attention of many passers-by who commented on how cute she was ~ and I think she even enjoyed the sweet treat...

I think the words "funnel cake" officially entered her vocabulary this weekend! And when it was gone, she revealed a family secret to all who could see...

...yeah, from time to time we're plate lickers ~ any others out there?


Anonymous said...

oh yeah, I'm a plate licker! You go girly!!!
Love ya
Aunt Cici

Mom of Triple As said...

Um, Aunt Cici, I think you're more than just a plate licker! Sounds like a weed eater!