Playing at the lake

**Two stories totally unrelated to the lake that I must share...

I've been reading some books to Kylie that have just one big picture and one word per page. Lately I've been pointing to the word as I say it and then pointing to the picture. It seems that the light bulb clicked on yesterday as she pointed to the word ball and then said, "Is that the name for ball mommy?" I replied yes and then that continued for the rest of the book until she slipped into blissful slumber for her nap. Last night we went to church for supper and Mama had a styrofoam cup with her name written on it. Kylie looked at the cup, pointed to the writing, and said, "Dat your name Dahma?"

My former little hair bow princess has become rotten lately and won't let me put bows in her hair or pull it back in a ponytail ("one up" to Kylie) or pigtails ("two up"). Or if she does let me, she waits until we are somewhere in public ~ usually after she has gotten sweaty so her hair has funny kinks in it ~ and then will grab the offending hair accessory, give me a sly grin, and pull it out, handing it to me with a victorious look on her face. Last night at church she heard me discussing with Vicki getting her hair cut shorter or styled up or something because it drives me crazy when it is just hanging in her eyes. Kylie protested and said that she didn't want her hair cut. Sometimes she doesn't want to change her diaper either, so I just figured we'd deal with it when it came. So today I call Vicki to schedule an appointment and when I hang up Kylie says, "Who was dat?" I told her I had been talking to Ms. Vicki. She was quiet for a second and then announced, "I want to wear a hair bow mommy." I wasn't sure where she was going with that, so I asked why and she said, "I want to wear a hair bow and not get my hair cut, okay?" Guess we'll negotiate over the week and see how that goes...**

Okay, so the lake. Despite the fact that our house looked like a bomb went off Saturday night after Traci and I took EVERY picture off the wall and EVERY decoration down to "restage" the house and we still needed to fix all the nail holes, do laundry, contact a realtor, finish boxing up knick-knacks, do a complete spring cleaning, transport the stuff for a yard sale to Traci's house, make a trip to the storage unit, search for an apartment or house, and start seriously preparing to make a life changing trip to China, we decided to leave our stress behind for a day and accept the invite from friends for our praise team to spend the day at their lake house.

Man am I glad we did. With every mile we drove away from the current chaos we are in, I felt stress melting away. (I knew it would be at home waiting for me when we got back, but it was nice to leave it behind for a few hours!)

We did the fun stuff you do at a lake, floated, ate, water skied, wake boarded, rode on the boat, and just sat around on the dock enjoying the fellowship of a group we love dearly.

"You want me to get in that water and swim? Do you see the size of those fish?"

"Go Aunt CiCi! "

At first she wasn't too sure of the lake, but after I put on my life jacket (ever try to help support a 31 pound kiddo while treading water?) she eventually relaxed. Then it was difficult to get her out of the water...

Kylie at her happiest ~ a belly full of watermelon! The evidence is still on her face!

What a great day!

Update on my uncle ~ his surgery took longer than expected, but his condition was stable last I heard. Please continue to pray for his recovery! Of course don't forget to lift up Susannah and her family too!


Anonymous said...

I wish that picture of me could begin to show the pain I was in for the next few days! Wow am I out of shape or what? My shoulder still hurts to lift over my head!
It was a wonderful time at the lake though. I could have stayed for days!
Aunt Cici

C.C. said...

Isn't it amazing how negotiations are going constantly with a 2 year old?! (At least at our house they are;-)

And, I am so happy you and yours got a chance to get away and have some fun!! Great pics!!

Our Journey said...

Funny -- Anne Marie always pulls out her ponytail when she's in the car-seat and mad that she can't get out -- that way when we finally arrive where ever we were going - her hair is a mess & the band usually is broke -- I now carry extra bands in my purse!! Funny how strong-willed they are at two eh??

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

Looks like you are having the same kind of 'fun' at your house as I am at mine~ Fin isn't?

At least the y'all are having a blast on the lake. Love the photos.

Have a great weekend,


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had fun, but that water gives me the creeps.


Sharon said...

I am so enjoying catching up on your blog. I am reading through it from where I lost it 1 1/2 years ago. I had just read your "part two" of Caleb. We started out thinking we would be getting a healthy girl....well, here we are. Maybe someday the Lord will take us back for my "Anja"....or maybe that is my granddaughter but we are truly blessed!!! (The Anja story involves a dream also....and the beginning of our journey..).

Karen and Dennis said...

Hi Kristi, love your blog! We just returned from China last Friday with our precious little one (adopting Isabella blog) and I wanted to let you know we got the globe at the China Doll shop on Shamian Island. We had one done in 2004 as well, but this one is so much better. The same artist did them both and we loved the first one, but he has improved tremendously since 2004. His name is Sam and they will take your order at the store and he paints them at home as they do not allow artists on the sidewalks on Shamian anymore, they must work inside the shop and there is not enough room. I think we ordered it on Monday and it wasn't done until Thursday, so if you want one you might want to consider getting it ordered on Saturday so he will have time to get it done for you. They just took digital pictures of all our kids (seperately) and then he painted on the glass globe from the pictures. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. Kylie is a cutie, and congratulations on Caleb. I look forward to following your journey!