Back to normal

Ian got home tonight. I'm so very thankful ~ it's tough on us emotionally when he's not here. Last night Kylie tried to put on a brave front, but when she heard Ian's voice on the phone her bottom lip started quivering and when he said that he'd see her tomorrow one big crocodile tear rolled down her cheek. Talk about ripping out your heart! While I would have loved to have stayed here, I'm so glad the job that would have had Ian travel like this all the time didn't work out. I couldn't watch my little one so sad on a weekly basis!

I've been looking back through pictures from this summer to find some for the album that I'm preparing for Caleb and found a few that somehow missed being posted. I've been super slack with the camera this week, so I'll take a few flashbacks...

Kylie climbed up on Grandpa's couch to tell him about Caleb.
This picture was taken the day before his 90th birthday!

It's too bad that Jami lives in Ohio ~ we'd let her babysit frequently. Kylie loves her!

Kylie wasn't fond of the baseball game last month, but she sure loved the cotton candy!

Who needs toys? John Christian and Kylie spent 30 minutes filling ice cube trays while Jen and I caught up on life over the past few months.

They may have fought like sisters half the time we stayed with Lottie's family last week, but they also had moments of sisterly love. Nothing like enjoying breakfast with a friend while watching Kai Lan!

Hopefully some of the next pictures I'll post will be of our son! Tomorrow is 84 days (that's 12 weeks!) since we sent in our letter of intent to adopt Caleb. We're so ready for our referral acceptance!!! At that point we will have a more clear picture of when we'll finally get to meet the newest addition to our family.


Donna said...

Glad you all are back together! Hope Kylie's hands are on the mend!
Can't wait for news of Caleb!!!

Cindy M said...

Seriously...84 DAYS???!!! Come on, China! Any day...I just know it!

Anonymous said...

Good times, good times!
Can't wait to meet Caleb either!
Aunt Cici