And weekends are supposed to be relaxing?

I've had relaxing weekends before, and I'm sure that I will again someday. But reality right now is to get as much done as possible on those "non-workdays" to get our house on the market ASAP. Friday during Kylie's nap I worked on decluttering/packing my closet. We did take a few minutes to go out to dinner as a family, but with my state of mind right now, I honestly can't remember where we went... Friday night Ian pulled everything out of the attic and we went through boxes that we should have gone through eight years ago when we moved in this house. We were up until after 1am making piles for recycling, trash, Good Will, and repacking stuff to keep.

Saturday morning we were up early to go get a U-Haul. I think reality began to set in when Ian pulled the truck into the driveway. We only used it to move out stuff like our ski equipment, Ian's large power tools, off season clothes, Christmas decorations, rubber maid tubs of hand-me-downs from cousin Abby that will fit Kylie in the not too distant future, and all our camping gear. Add to that our elliptical, all my scrap booking supplies, and a few boxes of memorabilia that we couldn't part with and you have a half full 10 x 14 climate controlled storage area! Kylie was a little trooper and even pitched in the effort until she went grocery shopping with my mom.

After about seven hours of hard work we headed to a Sunday School pool party for a few hours of relaxing. Kylie helped feed baby Sara and was so proud of herself. She kept talking about how she will help with baby Caleb ~ boy is she going to be surprised at how big he is... Kylie's buddy Susannah was there and she showed Kylie that floating in the pool is great fun! We rested our tired bodies for several hours and then it was time for more repacking and touch up paint.

Yesterday was another full day even though we didn't do any physical work on getting the house ready. We had a wonderful worship service, enjoyed a quick nap, ate a delicious lunch at Mama's and then ran by the house with dear friends to create a "curb appeal" plan for the yard on Saturday morning.

Getting ready for nap time with Uncle Adam. Eventually she decided to go lay down with Aunt CiCi on her bed instead of sleeping on the couch.

There's a lot to do this week and at the moment the amount of work almost seems impossible, yet I know that friends and family will help out and we'll get it all done. And then there's the fact that today is 87 days since we submitted our letter of intention to adopt Caleb and we still haven't been granted that final approval from the CCAA. I'm starting to get almost paranoid about that, but it helps to be going through this wait with Darby's mom! I know that God is in control of this entire crazy life of ours and that one day before long we will be together as a family of four.


Cindy M said...

Okay, first of you know why I am not so eager to pack up and move ANYWHERE! Same scenario, except THREE kids and TEN years...oy! I am still trying to get organized five years later, and now that we have four kids, I just have no desire to move...ever...except maybe to a very popular city in North Carolina...someday...

Secondly, I know you know this, but there's a reason God is making you wait...please feel free to call me and tell me to shut up...but maybe you've got to get through some of this moving business so you can concentrate on packing for CHINA!!!! I cannot believe you all are headed back already! Oh, and can you pick me up something small and pink while you're there? Maybe a little more hair this time?? :-)

Love ya, girlie!

Anonymous said...

Boo to moving...
Yay to fun pool parties with friends. It is always a nice distraction to the chaos of life.
Aunt Cici