Slumber party

Wednesday night we had the pleasure of having Anah visit. Ian, Kylie and I met Beth, Tim and Anah for dinner halfway between our homes and then she came to spend the night. It's a funny friendship between my two year old and Beth's ten year old, but the girls love each other. Anah is really good with little ones and Kylie thinks Anah is so cool. On the way home Kylie was introduced to the digital wonders of the ipod.

Judging by how well she was entertained by it, we may be dusting of the mp-3 player that I've never taken out of the packaging (because I don't know how to download songs) for our plane ride to China!

Thursday morning we took Kylie to preschool (and by the way, she was pretty ticked that we left her there!) and Anah and I had a few hours to do some shopping. It was the first time in quite a while that we got to hang out "just the two of us." Anah was really the first baby that I was around on a regular basis ~ besides my own sister who was born before I was three ~ and she's always meant so much to me. It is hard to look at her now and accept the fact that she's no longer even a little girl, but more of a young woman...

After preschool (and a nap by all three of us girls) Kylie was able to "forgive and forget" being mad at us when we took some time to swim in the frog pool and enjoy fudgescicles.

Anah is such a great helper and wanted to know if there was anything she could do to help with dinner. So I sent she and Kylie outside to shuck the corn. It was so fun to watch the girls interact and I must say that Beth has done a great job raising her girls. I hope one day that someone will say the same of Kylie and Caleb!

Deep in concentration

Anah only stayed one night, but Kylie was so sad to see her go! She's already asking when Anah (and Sera ~ who was at the beach with a friend) will come back to sleep in her trundle bed again!


Anonymous said...

It sounds (and looks) like y'all had a wonderful visit!!!

Get that I-pod ready!

Anonymous said...

Your kind words about Anah and Sera mean a lot. Tim and I wonder how we got such great kids....lots of prayer. They are fun and it is sad to see them grow older, but it is also happy to see what great people they are becoming. Anah and Sera do love Kylie (and of course you and Ian), and you know Sera is ready for her turn at the slumber party. See you soon..


Anonymous said...

By the way, I can always get my girls to set up your music for you.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Anna and Kylie had a great time together!
Aunt Cici