Of course I do Mommy!

Tonight Kylie and I were singing some songs and I asked her (figuring that I'd work on teaching her ~ after all, I am a preschool teacher) if she knew the ABC song. She couldn't even be bothered to look up at me as she sang ~ guess it is old news to her.

After the camera was off, I asked her where she learned to sing her ABCs. She looked at me, semi-rolled her eyes and said (in a somewhat exasperated tone) "I sing it at pre-cool Mommy." I suppose she is learning more than I realized at preschool!


Our Journey said...

How funny!! And how fast can she say those ABC's? WOW! Isn't it amazing what they pick up & you don't even know it. Just too smart for her own good!!

NaiNai Miller said...

Kylie never stops amazing me! She picks up everything she sees and hears. It is so fun to hear her sing her ABCs. I just love looking at the blog videos. What a big girl, Kylie!!
Love, NaiNai Miller

Anonymous said...

She is so smart. I about flipped out when she called me and sang it about 20 times in a row. I kept trying to tell her she did a great job, but she just kept going! She is so funny!
Aunt Cici

C.C. said...

Too stinkin' cute!

Anonymous said...

Kylie, you totally amazed me when you called and sang the ABC song to me over the phone. I didn't even know that you knew about the ABC's! Grandma is so proud of you.
Your mind is like a little sponge -you hear something and you retain it. I love you,