Our family

I wanted to include two pictures from our beach trip that I think capture the love between we as parents and our child. (For some reason we never bothered any strangers to take a complete family photo on this trip). These so well portray our individual relationships with Kylie. She may not be "genetically ours," but make no mistake, she is OURS!!! Oh how grateful I am to the God who looked through time and knew we would one day form a family ~ and how excited I am to think about how we will be blessed again one day with Kylie's sibling! (By the way last night she emphatically informed me as she took a bath that she "Wan a sisser, but NOOOO brofer!")


Anonymous said...

What adorable pictures. Love is written all over them. God certainly has blessed all of us with His remarkable addition to our family.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a great time at the beach.
Love Aunt Cici