At home today

My girl slept in late again this morning. We've been on the move for the past several days, so I chose to have a laid back day at home today. The morning began by reading books, first I read a few to Kylie, but then she instructed me to "sit foor" so she could sit in the chair and read to me. I'm so happy that she has developed a love for books early!

Then it was time to head outdoors. I didn't have the camera when we went "exploring" down in the yard, but picture if you will Kylie pushing her baby in her little pink stroller while carrying a mini-backpack full of mini-wooden blocks. Then it got too hard to push across the grass, so she grabbed baby and carried her while picking flowers for daddy.

We headed up to the deck and after watching Kylie play in Maya's water bucket I decided it was time to switch out the rice for water in her activity table. She seems so much bigger than last year on the first day we played with water! I sat and read a magazine as she shoveled water into her bucket and walked back and forth to Maya's water saying, "I gib Maya wawa!" Toys inside can't hold her attention for more than a few minutes, but give the girl some water and she's a happy clam!

Next thing I know she's giggling and when I look over my magazine she's dipping herself in the water. I guess she decided that the upper 70's temps were getting too warm?

And at first she thought it was really funny...

But after a few more dips she decided she was too wet and started crying. I had the sunscreen nearby and decided that we were in our own backyard, so what two year old needs to worry about being topless? And we ate lunch outdoors (at her request) with her still "al fresco." Amazingly enough ~ as much as she loves pizza ~ she ate all her cucumbers, red bell peppers and strawberries BEFORE she touched the pizza. Maybe she's already developing my strange childhood eating habits of saving "the best for last."

And after lunch she climbed into the dog house yet again ~ with handfuls of rice. Ever wish you could read the mind of a toddler? Then it was nap time and I just planned to put her in her crib wearing a diaper. Yeah, right... My girl has some strong opinions and this time decided that she wanted to wear pajamas. (After her nap Ian walked by, did a double take, and asked, "Are those pajamas?")

After we played on the deck again for a while, it was time for me to fix dinner. I can now trust Kylie to stay up on the upper deck while I have the kitchen door open, so fixing supper is much easier. At one point I didn't hear her and stepped out to the door to look. For a second I almost panicked when I couldn't find her, but then her head popped out from the doghouse ~ of course.

Maya seems to be thinking, "Hmm, if she wants that house she can have it! I'll take her room upstairs with air conditioning!"


Anonymous said...

Those kinds of days are the best. I love being at home with the kids and not having a schedule to follow.

Bobby and Jennifer Barbee and family said...

Haven't checked your blog in awhile - I love the new design. We hope to join you and Susannah at the park this summer!!!

Anonymous said...

It is so fun to peek in on the little everyday activities in your family. Makes me love all of you even more! I feel so blessed.
Love, NaiNai Miller

Anonymous said...

Kylie playing in the dog house is a "hoot". I'm convinced that kids don't need toys - just time and imagination.

Anonymous said...

Fun I like the rice in the dog house.
Aunt Cici

Jeff and Valerie said...

What a nice day! I love actually being home for a day as it doesn't seem to happen very often. I agree with Maya that AC and a comfy bed beats the doghouse!