Words from Kylie

New vocabulary is being tossed around here in our house, and it isn't Ian or I using new words from the dictionary (though sometimes Ian throws in a crazy word that his co-workers use just to keep my mind sharp)...

Our little one is jabbering up a storm and more and more of it is becoming clear to friends and family. Her two word sentences are becoming four word sentences! Today for example, she saw me watering the herb bed on our back deck and quickly said, "I hep wawa fowers!" So we got her watering can from the bathtub and I let her loose. She took her job very seriously and moved on from the herb bed to the flower pot (a sweet gift from Ian for Valentine's Day) and then on to the tomato plants. I suspect she was taking extra special care of the tomatoes because she remembers picking them off the plant last summer. At any rate she kept requesting, "Mo wawa peas Mama!" until she had used three gallons of water. I had to drag her into the house so that I could get dinner going. Other frequent sentences include, "I gots (fill in the blank with anything she is carrying)." "Mama (or Daddy) hode ju." "I hep (fill in the blank with anything she thinks she is helping us do)", and the new favorite after discovering dandelions, "I mo bow!"

Some things she remembers makes Ian and I raise our eyebrows and ask one another "Have you been teaching her that?" Last night she took a crayon, swirled it around on paper and then proudly squealed, "Circul!" The other day it was windy and when she saw the trees blowing about she climbed up in my arms and said, "rock by bebe in tee-top!" And she saw one of my cousins for the first time in several months on Wednesday and noticed that she'd had a hair cut.

The things she says also cracks me up. Yesterday I had to bribe her to change clothes (she had been playing in the yard while I was at preschool and we were going to meet friends for dinner) with promising to take her shopping ~ yes, she LOVES to shop! At that point she quickly changed clothes and when we got in the car I asked her (out of curiosity) what we would buy when we went shopping. She looked up, stalled with "Uhhh..." then got a huge smile and replied, "KIWI!" I giggled and asked her what else we would get. I hear from the backseat, "Mo kiwi and apples!" She's easy to please on a shopping spree!

She's also growing like a weed. She's now almost 30 pounds even, just over 36 inches tall, and wearing a size 7 shoe. That would be up 8 pounds, 6 inches and 3 shoe sizes from this time last year. You know they say that if you take their height at two and double it that you'll have their adult height. Umm, so is my girl gonna be 6 feet tall?

And I just have to share how much I love teaching preschool. After 10 years of eye rolling by 6th graders that thought I was "So lame sometimes!" I've found that teaching three year olds is the place to be! Yesterday when one of the moms brought her daughter she told me that the child told her that I was really smart. She asked her daughter why she thought that and she replied, "Well mommy, Ms. Kristi knows all her letters AND the sounds they make!" And there you go, clearly I'm a genius!


Laurie said...

ABSOLUTELY beautiful blog! Makes me want to re-do mine again - I love all the cool things you have on the sides. Seriously, I'm re-designing soon- I'm jealous! :) It looks GREAT!! I'm also very proud of you for knowing your letters and their sounds- you go girl!

Allison said...

Ooh, I love your new BLOG! It looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow she is going to be a giant! 6feet tall! She is talking up storm! It is so fun to watch her grow and learn! What a bundle of joy!
Aunt Cici

Jeff and Valerie said...

What a great helper. She keeps you on your toes I see. Yes, I too love the little ones. Preschool is fun ... tiring but fun.

Anonymous said...

It's great when children are in wonder of all the things we know. It's sad when they wake up one morning and suddenly think they know more than we do. I hope to be smart again one day soon. :)