A backyard kind of morning

I think that there was a good bit of truth in Kylie's referral information that said, "She prefers to be outdoors in the sunshine!"

After pretty much a week of gray and rainy weather, she was so happy to be out in the warm sunshine again today!

As soon as we finished breakfast and watching Kai-Lan, she stood by the back door until I agreed to head outside with her. Today I couldn't convince her to play with the rice at all, she headed straight for the creek!
After she poked around with her stick for a while, we listened to the birds, walked the fence, and admired all the different flowers. It was so adorable to hear her say, "Dod (God) make fower, petty fower!" And then she (with a little help from Mommy ~ sorry about spreading the weeds honey!) discovered how fun dandelions are! We went on a "bow fower" (blow flower) hunt and helped all the dandelions in our yard disperse their seeds. At least we stood near the fence most of the time...

After she determined that we had found all the dandelions (and taking a break on a rock) Kylie wanted to go back to the creek. She got brave and started trying to jump across it (it is only about 5 inches wide in some spots). It was all fun and games until she didn't quite make it one time. She was pretty upset at first, but by the time I had carried her up to the house she thought it was pretty funny. My little pink girl is starting to love getting messy! Thank goodness for cute play clothes purchased at consignment!


Cindy M said...

Love that close-up of Kylie! Oh, man, I can't wait to get these girls together again! They are gonna have SO much fun!

Looks like you might need some Oxi-Clean for those pants! Caroline is all about being outside, too, and she's not afraid to get the kitchen stool and un-do the deadbolt! Whew! Glad I have big kids to help me keep up with her this summer!

Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Wow like mother like daughter. How many times did we fall in the creek as kids! That brings back lots of fun memories!
Aunt Cici

Laurie said...

I LOVE that first picture- what a precious face!! I also like the new look of your blog. :)