The simple things

This weekend wasn't exactly relaxing. Our praise team from church somehow got asked to sing for the Western NC Conference United Methodist Men's Rally. We really enjoyed singing during their general sessions, but we had to head home Saturday night instead of staying the whole weekend because our church would have missed us Sunday morning. Translated into "adult scheduling" language that meant that we packed up sound equipment, the drum set and other instruments, luggage, and 15 people and headed to Lake Junaluska (about a four hour drive) to be there for less than 24 hours.

Oh, and did I mention that one of those 15 people was our adorable two year old? Despite spending so much time strapped in her seat in the church van, she seemed to quite enjoy herself! After all the trip brought an opportunity to sleep in a "big girl bed." That was somewhat of an accident ~ as we pulled into the hotel parking lot I said to Ian, "Um, we didn't grab the pack'n'play..." I was envisioning a LOOOONG night with the three of us in a queen size bed, but luckily our room had a full and a twin. First thing Kylie said Saturday morning was, "I seep bi gur bed!" So far we haven't had to fight the crib since we've been home, but we're holding our breath for the arrival of that battle and are frantically trying to find our little girl a cute "big girl bed" that isn't ridiculously overpriced because it has the word "kid" in it!

She also loved taking a walk around the lake (2.6 miles ~ she walked a good bit of it, but also spent some time riding on shoulders and then sacked out in my arms about 3/4 the way around), stopping to smell the flowers, and using her Hannah Montana (no, she doesn't watch the show, that's just the only microphone my mom could find for her at her birthday) microphone to sing along with the praise team on Saturday morning.

But perhaps the highlight of Kylie's weekend was an 89 cent purchase I made for her at the Mast General Store in Waynesville. I don't know if you remember your first candy necklace, but here's Kylie's...

"So you are saying that this is candy around my neck?"

"And I'm supposed to put it in my mouth and eat it?"

"Hey, this does taste pretty good!"

"Holy cow, what will they think of next? Candy I can wear on my finger like a ring?"
Can you imagine what she'll think of Ring Pops?

I love how a fast trip up and back to the mountains brings moment after moment of wonder in my child's eyes. Is it possible that I could love her more?


Cindy M said...

Oh, I am SO buying ring pops for our trip this summer! Thanks for reminding me! The things you do that you say you'll never do...remind me to tell you a story about "Baby Bottle Pops". A glowing moment in my motherhood experience..

Kylie looks so sweet in her pictures! Can't wait to see her! And you, too!

Our Journey said...

Oh what beautiful pictures of her by the lake & w/ the flowers! And the last one of her & her "candy" is priceless -- it shows how much she's liking it. I LOVE candy jewlery!! Too cute!!

Anonymous said...

I remember my first candy necklace, or at least my first memory of a candy necklace. It was at the pool when we lived in Charlotte.
What a fun whirlwind trip we had. Kylie was such a good girl on that trip. I think it is funny that Kylie is being held up about six feet in the air to get that picture by the azalea bush! Thanks Mr. Jaybird for holding that big girl up! I just love her to pieces!
Aunt Cici