The lost sheep

Please lift up a quick prayer for my little girl. She's fevered (pretty sure it is from the two year molars coming in) and is just overall what my mom always called "puny." Tonight she wanted to snuggle in her crib with her sheep ~ after a long mommy and "mommy's baby" (she calls herself that when she wants to be held across my lap and snuggled) snuggle session ~ and I just couldn't resist a picture. I had just said yesterday that sometimes when I look at her my heart could just explode with love. Oh my sweet girl, how I love you...

In addition to liking the sheep stuffed animal, one of Kylie's current favorite books is one that goes with it. Our friend made it for her last year. It came from a children's church lesson and is called Where's the Lost Sheep? The text is basically the same on every page, asking, "Where's the Lost Sheep? Where could he be? He's (various locations around the church), just like (various children from our church pictured on that page). Kylie can now "read" me the book by looking at the pictures. It is so cute that she recognizes 10 of the other kids from our church, but the best page of all is the last one when all the kids are pictured together and the text says, "Jesus found him, just like us!" When she gets to that page her little voice says, "Desus fou him, jus lik uhs!" Oh melt my heart!

Congratulations are in order to Traci ~ she's down about three from last week!

Keep up the good work little sis!

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Anonymous said...

Oh what a precious picture of Kylie sleeping. She is so cute. I hope she feels better soon.
Aunt Cici