"Nu nus"

My daughter is an amazing eater. Her current favorites include ANY kind of fruit (especially hot right now is the kiwi), raw veggies (especially salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing, cut up carrots, cucumbers and bell peppers), jellybeans (they're a food group, right?), chicken, hamburger meat, pork (pretty much any way it comes ~ chops, bacon, ham, tenderloin, sausage...) green beans, ice cream, yogurt, cheese (currently two favorite varieties are Kraft 2% singles and mini Babybel ~ she just loves to open them and peel off the wax coating!), pizza, Pad Thai, tacos, steamed dumplings, and "nu nus" (noodles) ~ any way you can fix them!

Today we had a lunch that was a throw back to my college days. Kylie and I shared a package of shrimp flavored Oodles of Noodles. I should have had the camera on hand to record how her little eyes lit up when I got the package out of the pantry. Once they were in her little Tupperware container it was all I could do to pull her attention away from eating them. And I have one question, how do kids inherently know how to slurp noodles?

Sleep update ~ Friday Kylie slept through the night again and we were thrilled! But Saturday night she woke up twice. Ian and I were discouraged about the setback, but then I remembered that I had forgotten to remind her that it was okay for her to go back to sleep on her own at night when I put her to bed Saturday night. So last night we gave her the little talk (see the bottom of the Bib licker post) before we put her to bed and she slept from 9:30 to 7:00 without a peep. Of course we reminded her again tonight ~ so far, so good!


Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

That is an amazing eater! Maddy LOVES ramen noodles and she too loves to slurp them up!

C.C. said...

Sooo happy that the sleep is getting back to normal.

We love "noodahs" too:-)

Anonymous said...

Mommy, you forgot "meatballs"! Kylie likes them in any form. Love the slurping of the nu nu's.
Made me hungry.
What a relief for all of you that Kylie is remembering that your bedroom is very close and is sleeping through the night. A big break through! Kylie, I'm so proud of you.
Love, Lao,Lao

Laurie said...

Man, she's cute!! I love the slurping!! :)

Anonymous said...

Man why is only cute when little kids slurp noodles. I love oodles of noodles, but I hate eating them in public because I have to wrestle them into my mouth.
Aunt Cici