Bib licker!

Some time ago there was a commercial (I think for some stain fighter) where a guy spilled the inside of his jelly donut on his pants. A woman passing by called him a "pant licker" with some disdain in her voice. It always made me laugh.

Tonight as I got dinner going I let Kylie have her very favorite snack, a Yo Kids yogurt (Banilla flavor). I looked up from putting the salmon in the oven to witness my very own "bib licker!"

Guess she really likes it ~ and it's not like she's never seen us lick a plate (Ian when we have real maple syrup and I'll admit that I'm likely to pick up a plate if there is chocolate on it!) Let's just hope this behavior stays at home...

On a totally unrelated note, we're celebrating two nights in a row of Kylie sleeping through the night! (She had been doing quite well for months with maybe one or two wake ups a week, but starting with Ian's trip to CA the first week of March, she had been waking up at least twice a night. We both had dark circles under our eyes and March seemed like it would never end!) Tuesday night we both hugged Kylie before bed and told her that if she woke up she should remember that we are in the room right next door. We told her that we loved her and that big girls go back to sleep by themselves. I heard one five second whimper Tuesday night, but she didn't start screaming and the whimper was followed by the sound of her rolling over. Last night there wasn't a peep. We're praying that we're on to something...


Anonymous said...

Praise God, our little "bib licker"
is sleeping through the night! Hurray for all of you. So happy that whatever was bothering her seems to be resolved.

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Yeah for sleeping through the night.!! There is definitely something to be said about being a rested mommy!

Cindy M said...

WOOHOO! Is she still in her crib?

And I'm impressed she'll even wear a takes major bribing to get Caroline to even leave one on...stubborn little thing!