Road trip!

Today Kylie and I loaded up in the car to spend the day with two of her China sisters. As it turned out Darby's mommy woke up sick this morning (get well soon C.C.!) so we didn't get to see her, but we still got to hang out with Lottie and her mommy. Because Lottie lives so close she is one of the girls from our travel group that Kylie is able to recognize and call by name in pictures (and Darby too for that matter). She was so excited when we got out of the car and she saw her little buddy! The beautiful weather allowed us to play outside on Lottie's playground for quite some time before lunch. The girls spent some time swinging side by side, looking out the treehouse window, and following each other down the slide. Shannon and I got to enjoy some catching up from the last several months in the process!

After a great lunch, we had cupcakes to celebrate Kylie's birthday. Both girls started out eating the cupcakes somewhat daintily, but before we knew it they were attacking the icing for all they were worth!

"I learned this 'Viking style' eating at CCC staff training last year ~ the college kids are doing it..."

I think Lottie won the icing contest!

We paused for some playtime in Lottie's room and a photo opportunity on the stairs. Amazingly enough they only had a few "mine" issues and played together quite well considering they are both new to being 2!

Then it was back outside for a few more pushes on the swings and zips down the slide. All too soon it was time to load back into the car and head home.

Saying "so long till next time!"

"You like to break sticks too? We should totally do this again soon!"

If only the distance between here and there were a bit shorter...


C.C. said...

I'm sooo bummed we missed out:-(

But what a fun day to visit...the girls are precious playing together!!

Anonymous said...

Who would have known that breaking sticks is such a fun thing to do. Kylie is opening up a whole new world for me. I love it!!
Love, NaiNai

Cindy M said...

Boy, do I miss all you guys! We need a play date with our Guangdong girls! HOW many more days till our summer trip?

Anonymous said...

Kylie, know it was a long trip but what fun to get to play with Lottie. So happy that you are able to stay in touch with some of your Guangdong sisters. Licking the cupcakes looks fun!

Anonymous said...

They are so cute! I love the Viking style eating!
Love Aunt Cici

Anonymous said...

I know this day was special in that you we able to catch up with some of Kylie's 'China Sisters'. Thank you for your encouragement through this process!! It helps to walk with someone who has been there and is able to give reassurance in the dreary times! Hope I will be able to do the same for you as we endure this wait.