A few glimpses

Glimpses of exactly what I'm not sure...

I've got pictures of the beginning of Kylie recognizing and actually starting to love her "boyfriend" ~ otherwise known as her second cousin Andrew;

of her actually starting to have about a 10 minute attention span (she enjoys watching Ni Hao Kai-Lan ~ well, the first little bit anyway!);

of her becoming a "big girl" and figuring out how to chew (and show off) gum;
of her sliding down the big, curvy slide at the park that scared the dickens out of her a few months ago with her "best friend" Susannah;of the hint of a dimple in her cheek as she giggles while saying "chee";
of her becoming a little mommy herself...

I suppose these pictures are glimpses of my baby growing into a self assured yet silly little girl. This is one of those strange times my mother told me about ~ that moment when you couldn't be more proud of who your child is becoming, yet you feel a tightness in your chest that it is happening already! I found myself telling my sister tonight that I am excited about how much Kylie is talking now yet I wish there were some way that I could always hear these cute inflections she puts on words today. The mix of emotions on wanting her to keep developing yet stay a baby just a little longer is almost suffocating! This blend of feelings must be the part of motherhood that is responsible for memory loss ~ we're too busy trying not to forget all the sweet stuff that happens EVERY day!

All I do know is that I am so very blessed to be Kylie's mom (and I'm pretty darn blessed to be walking this crazy road called parenting with my best friend who also happens to be Kylie's dad!)


Laurie said...

OH, the picture of her reading to her dolly is just precious!! I know what you mean about the growing up. It's painful!

Our Journey said...

Oh that feeling in your chest -- It's amazing -- have you heard the new S.C.C. song -- Cinderella? (I think that's the name.) Makes you want to cry!!!

Anonymous said...

As Kylie's Aunt I feel a little bit of what you are talking about. I love her little hugs, her grins, her giggles and laughs. I love the way she runs to me says 'unt CiCi' and 'unc ahm'.
I want to capture all these darling little things in a bottle and keep them forever. But I also look forward to watching her grow in to the precious little girl God created her to be!
Kylie We love you soooo very much!
Aunt 'CiCi' Traci

C.C. said...

So well said...I'm feeling it too. I think this is why motherhood is bittersweet.