An "Egg-citing" Day!

Last Saturday our family (with Alexander in tow) had some Easter-time fun in the glorious sun! After a delicious breakfast by Ian, we headed to a local park for an Easter egg hunt (and games) sponsored by a community church. Quite honestly it was not much short of chaos, but despite the crowd we had a blast.
Abby and Kylie head to the hunting fields.

There were egg hunts for four different age groups (Kylie actually missed hers as we waited to pull into the park and had to join the next age group), tons of games, and even a few dogs from the shelter that were looking for homes. (Funny that Adam and Traci were especially drawn to one of the dogs, but taught Kylie to say, "two puppies daddy!") Kylie LOVED the games (her favorite was the egg spoon race!), but the crowds during the hunt overwhelmed her. Actually I'm not sure if it was the crowds, or the parents... There were so many people that lots of parents accompanied their kids into the field. Apparently mass amounts of candy brings out the worst in adults, because at one point Kylie was squatting down to pick up a Tootsie Roll that had fallen out of an egg and a GROWN WOMAN actually bent over and snatched it from her! It took all my reserve to keep from saying something (let alone smacking the woman) but I managed to pick my open jaw up off the ground and usher Kylie over to another piece of candy nearby. When we were all hot and hungry (and tired of the pandemonium) it was time to take care of coloring eggs!

From there we headed over to Tricia's to dye Easter Eggs for the Easter Bunny. After shading Kylie's outfit pink last year we decided that a diaper was the best option for coloring. Funny thing is that this year she pretty much only got her hands dirty. It is pretty amazing how quickly 40 eggs get colored when you have five sets of little hands to help!

Lost in concentration!

In addition to being what Christianity is all about, Easter sure brings some family fun!


C.C. said...

What a fun day!!

BTW, I'm having bad thoughts toward the "tootsie roll woman." Unbelievable!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Abby and Kylie. Abby looks so tall and grown up. Yikes!! Maybe the woman who took Kylie's Tootsie Roll is the same one I overhead say, "I'm kicking butt (not her word) and taking eggs."