Easter Sunday

Easter is so much more than new pretty dresses, plastic eggs filled with candy, and the ever elusive Easter Bunny (even though these are the fun parts as a child!). It is the celebration of Christ's victory over the grave, a yearly reminder that our salvation stands in one who has overcome even death to give us life. It comes at the time of year when trees put out new leaves, flowers bloom, and the greyness of winter disappears into green. I've always loved Easter, all it means, and the festivities that come with it! 2007 brought my first Easter as a mother. It was special, but this year was even more so as Kylie was a bit older and enjoyed the fun parts of the holiday. (I know though that my joy in watching her run after eggs in Mama's yard will pale in comparison to the first year she fully understands the importance of Jesus' resurrection!)

We began our day with a joyful worship service (no, not the sunrise ~ I make a rule to only attend sunrise services when I'm at the beach or in the mountains...) and then headed to Mama's for a feast, family photo opportunities, and a big egg hunt. It was an exciting year for us because for the first time I got to spend an actual holiday with my little brother. Traci and I actually convinced him to let us take a siblings picture before he changed out of his sport jacket and into his jersey shorts and t-shirt!

And of course we had to take a minute to capture our little family. Kylie was crazy about her dress and had been wanting to wear it for weeks. (Ahh the joys of consignment store bargains!) One thought about Easter dresses... This year was much warmer than last year, but it was still a chilly day and Kylie was shivering and wanted to put her sweater back on as soon as we took the picture. Here's a thought to all the Easter dress designers out there ~ how about dresses with sleeves? Or for the northern states, Easter snowsuits???

Anyway, we kept the kids (the Triple A's joined us after church) inside as long as we could. When it got to the point that the older boys were looking out the window to scout eggs we finally forced them together for a picture and then let them go! Between Tricia and I we took about 20 shots of the group of kids and sadly this is the best we got ~ but I include it because Kylie was clearly excited about hunting for eggs in a smaller crowd than the day before!

The Easter Bunny figured that Kylie would have a bit of a disadvantage against kids that ran so much faster than her and left a few eggs around the front porch area just for her. She was so adorable as she would spot and egg, run to it, shake it to see if it was full, show it to us (pictured), and then drop it in her basket to repeat the process again. What fun, what fun! I know my little jellybean addict can't wait for next year...


Our Journey said...

What a sweet little dress -- and you all got to wear sandles!! (Gotta love those consignment shops!!) Anne Marie had to wear a sweater & tights most of the day!!

Anonymous said...

Well, it does look warm, doesn't it? I can't believe we didn't get a better picture of the 5 kids together. Maybe next time...


Cindy M said...

Yeah, wait till you see our Easter pictures...a little less than balmy...okay, freezing cold...and I made them all pose outside without coats...still in the running for "Mother of the Year"!

I love Kylie's dress...beautiful...can't believe you found that at consignment, but it wouldn't be nearly as cute without her in it!

Love, Cindy and the Martens pack

C.C. said...

What a good-looking family!!