Digging out...

...from under two weeks worth of pictures stored on my camera is proving to be an almost overwhelming task! My new computer is up and running and I'm finally figuring out how to use it. (For a minute last night I was really missing my old one when I couldn't figure out how to upload pictures from my camera, but then I started figuring out some of the "bells and whistles" that Ian added to this one and I think this laptop and I will have a very good relationship!)

I didn't realize how far back the pictures on my camera went and it was exciting to finally see some of them "on the big screen" rather than just on the little camera screen! My old Dell bit the dust the day we celebrated Kylie's birthday (the 15th ~ the Saturday after her birthday) with her Grandmas, her aunt and uncle that live here in town, her honorary NC grandparents, and her special friends Beth, Anah and Sera. There were some cute shots of her opening her presents, but the best ones are from eating cupcakes. She enjoyed them on her actual birthday much more than last year, but she REALLY got into them at her Elmo party! I guess chocolate fudge frosting is the secret...

"I ate plenty of grilled veggies and steak kabobs, where is that promised dessert?"

"I'm still not totally sure about this fire thing..."

"Oh chocolate frosting, I adore thee!"

"And now that I've polished this one off, can someone hand a sister another cupcake? With chocolate frosting and pretty sprinkles on top? Please?"
By the way, thanks Anah and Sera for frosting the cupcakes!

I've still got more catching up to do, but tonight sleep is calling so I'll end with another thought on Kylie's taste buds. She is a great eater (we are so blessed!) but some of the things she says about food confuses me! She'll say that Indian food is "picy" and cry when she tries some of it, but she adores the green beans at P.F. Chang's and Fortune that are sauteed in garlic and chili peppers, she eats salsa with a spoon, and this morning while I was eating an Easter hard boiled egg dipped in Frank's hot sauce, she actually took a piece of egg white, dipped it into the Frank's, sucked the hot sauce off, and dipped it four more times before discarding the egg white. And Indian is hot?!?


Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

She is one cupcake lovin fool isn't she! Maybe the picy indian food is just because she doesn't like those kinds of spices. I'm right there with her on that one. I like cajun spice but not indian spice.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate! Yes, that's my girl. You are getting to be such a bug girl, Kylie. So many new words, new foods, new ideas. I love you.