Two Sundays, one post

Today I'm exhausted! Kylie has had a nasty cough for the past several days and it seems of course to be worse at night. She's been waking up through the night and can't seem to get back to sleep because of the stuffiness in her head. So add being up for several hours each night to having to get up way before the sun for church this morning (our contemporary service switched to 8:30 when we moved into our new sanctuary) and you have one tired mama.

Our family was quite nice this afternoon and entertained our little one while Ian and I took a quick Sunday nap after lunch at Mama's house. Kylie got to ride her tricycle, feed the horses, look at the cats and play with Grandma's toys. I don't think she missed Mama and Dada one bit while we snoozed...

Last Sunday we had the chance to go to church with Kristin (one of Kylie's Lianjiang sisters ~ she and Kristin actually lived in the same room) while we were in "their neck of the woods." Kylie marched right into the nursery after only a quick whimper and got a huge smile on her face when she saw Kristin in there. Oh, and the nursery workers told us that Kylie used the big girl potty all by herself when we picked her up. I guess I looked rather shocked because the lady asked us if we were potty training. I sort of stammered, "Well, I guess we'll be starting..."

Anyway, after church we went over to Kristin's house so that Kylie could play with her friend (and Kristin's older sister SuSu ~ who also traveled to China with us) and we could catch up with her parents. The dads went to pick up some great Chinese take out and we moms stayed home with the girls. After our meal we alternated talking with taking pictures of the girls. It was amazing how quickly 3 1/2 hours passed and then it was time to head back out into the rainy afternoon to Ian's dad's house.

Kristin, Kylie and SuSu

"Kristin, you tell the funniest stories! We'll have to get our moms to schedule another play date soon!"

Our last visit of the trip was with my life long friend Craig and his wife, Kiyoung. We met them for an early dinner at a Korean restaurant. I'm not sure what anything was called ~ thanks again for ordering Kiyoung! ~ but it sure was good. They had not met Kylie yet, and she was quite the ham for them. Our visit went by amazingly fast!

Then Monday was time to head home. We love all the visiting, but a point comes where "there's no place like home!" We decided to come home so that we'd pass through Burlington so that we could stop at the Blue Ribbon. Unfortunately we left DC too late to make it there for lunch, but it was perfect timing for a milkshake pick me up!
"Could I have a milkshake to go please?"

And then finally we were home! Kylie walked into our living room, saw some of the new Christmas toys we had left at home and started jumping up and down yelling, "YAY!" I know how you feel baby, I know how you feel!


C.C. said...

What beautiful girls!!!

Cindy M said...

The girls are so cute together! Wish we were there! Miss everyone! Wish I could wangle a way back to NC...or to see any of the other girls, for that matter!

Anonymous said...

First of all, the family loved keeping Kylie while you and Ian took a well deserved nap. We had her all to ourselves!!

How wonderful that are keeping in touch with Kylie's Lian sisters. Good to see pictures of SuSu and Kristin. SuSu looks so grown-up. Remember how we were all so enthralled with her while we were in China. To think that a year ago, Kristin and Kylie shared a room in China. What blessed little girls and families.

Blue Ribbon Diner - I remember it well. Seemed that many times I'd visit you at Elon, we had to go there. The milkshakes are really good.