Nothing crossed off the list!

Had one of those days lately when you get nothing off your "agenda" done? That was pretty much my day today...

I stopped by the grocery (hadn't made more than a "I just need two things" trip since early December) on my way home from preschool today. I managed to get in the door with my school stuff ~ groceries still in the trunk of the car ~ and Kylie awakened from her nap. There went plans to start working on decluttering the laundry room...

But instead of doing what I had planned, I took the afternoon through the eyes of my child.

First my little girl helped carry in the groceries ~ she got the light bags ~ and empty all the bags out so I could see things to put them away.

"Oh yummy, you got blueberries AND watermelon? It must be my lucky day!"

We played at the rice table, threw tennis balls for Maya, took a walk through the neighborhood, and then searched the back yard for hickory nuts that Kylie could break apart.

"These things are really cool!"

We made oatmeal toffee chip cookies for Bible Study tonight, and she "washed dishes" while I worked on dinner. When Aunt Traci arrived she played with Kylie for a few minutes so I could finish getting dinner to the table.

"We look kinda silly wearing hats and mittens in the house Aunt Traci!"

The schedule of the day wasn't my original plan, and that laundry room is still a disaster area, but I've learned that time with Kylie beats an organized house any day!


Cindy M said...

Just so you don't feel so alone...that's pretty much my EVERY day!

C.C. said...

That's pretty much every day for us too. But, ya know, I don't think we'll ever regret it:-)

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

So cool.. that laundry room will still be there tomorrow but that day with Kylie won't be. Sounds like the two of you had an awesome day together. ENJOY them as often as you can!

Anonymous said...

I want Kylie with me the next time I grocery shop. Putting things away is the worst. She can help me!

What an inquisitive little girl. This past Sunday on one of our walks "owside" she noticed the bark on an oak tree. She stood and pulled off little pieces for about 10 minutes. Then started putting some of them into tiny little pockets of her hoodie! So fun to watch her concentrating and wonder what is going through that pretty little head!

She and Aunt "CeCe" look cute in their hats and mittens! What a little mimic Kylie is. How fun to watch and listen.


Jeff and Valerie said...

Sounds like the perfect Mommy day!