What Kylie's been eating and saying this week

Kylie's eating habits have changed! Our little fruit and veggie lover has become much more difficult to feed a balanced meal. Wednesday I had to ask Ian if milk and raisins are enough to sustain life. His answer, "Well, I guess if she eats enough raisins..." I should say though that about every other day we can get her to chow down on broccoli IF we put Hoisin or any other spicy Chinese sauce on it. Cover it with cheese (how I get Ian to eat the green veggie) and she spits it out.

Ian introduced her to soy sauce one night when I turned some left-over pork tenderloin into pork fried rice. She was trying to open a little packet (left from take out from SoHo one night) and Ian opened it and put a few drops into her hand. She totally cracked us up by rubbing her hands together as if it were lotion and then licking her hands. She smiled, signed for more, rubbed her hands together and then proceeded to rub it onto her legs. (I usually try to warm up her lotion by rubbing my hands together, guess she mistook it for dark lotion). When I commented that it was a good thing it was bath night, she began smiling and signing for bath. Then she decided that she'd miss her new find and picked up another soy sauce packet and began waving and saying, "buh bye" to the packet. She really cracks me up!

Sunday Ian and I had one of those moments where you ask, "Did she really just say that?" Mama had lit a fire to fight off the late fall afternoon chill and when Kylie woke up from her nap she pointed to the fireplace and said, "hut" (Kylie speak for hot). It wasn't the word that we were surprised to hear ~ Kylie is VERY familiar with the word hot in relation to food ~ but her understanding that the fire is hot that caught us off guard. I know that she hasn't been around a fire since she's been in the US, so I'm not sure how she knew it. Maybe from seeing flames on our gas stove and hearing us say hot?

She's been totally in love with "chah steh" (chap stick).

Tuesday when I got home from preschool she proudly lifted up her arm, pointed to where it connects with her body and said, "Arpo!" Seriously Ian? Armpit? Seems like a random body part to teach her, but she sure is cute when she says it ~ and now she likes to have her pits scrubbed with soap during bath time...

She also has been introduced to "ri" We decided that, while cooler, the weather is still nice and outside time is good for all of us. Kylie loved her water table this summer, so we bought a 35 pound bag of rice at BJ's and have filled her table up. She will come over, grab your hand, sign please while saying, "mere" and walk you to the back door. Who can resist? Kylie spent a good part of the days this week scooping and pouring white rice. Ahh, toddler bliss!

Oh, and we've been dog-sitting Chaucer this weekend while Traci and Adam have been in Atlanta for the National Youth Workers Convention. Chaucer is a sweet puppy, but he is still very much a puppy ~ for those who haven't owned a dog (or for those that have blocked the puppy days out of your mind) just think of 45 pounds of raw, unbridled energy... He can be very good, but also finds himself in trouble a good bit yet. When you ask Kylie what we say to Chaucer she will point her finger, shake her head and say, "nah nah Chas!" So funny!!! It's a good thing she wasn't here when Maya was still a puppy!

And on this national adoption day, I leave you with the reminder that adoption is a beautiful way to build a family! If you open your heart to God's prompting you won't be sorry!!!


Jeff and Valerie said...

Oh the joys of puppyhood. We have blocked those out!

Malia went a good solid three months of eating very little. Always wanted fruit. She is back on track now. It was very frustrating at the time!

Always enjoy reading your blog! Kylie is such a beauty!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

what a cool idea to use rice instead of sand in her box. I'll have to remember that when the weather gets warmer here. :-)

Love all the new words too. Our girl is always surprising us with what she learns everyday.

Anonymous said...

That's more like 60 pounds of pure puppy...

Chaucer's Grandma

Cindy M said...

I'm so behind on blogging...I'll never catch up...but I wanted to share this about "body parts". I recently bought Pampers when they were on sale, and Caroline has been fascinated with having Elmo on her bottom. Here's the snag...when we were asking her to identify body parts, we threw in "elbow", one we've only gone over a couple of times...she pointed to her bottom and said "Elmo"! Oh, how we laughed!

And Mickey once survived a period of time (around 3, I think) where he ate only french fries and cocoa puffs. :-)