Kitchen help

While I was preparing a salad to go with dinner tonight the phone rang. I only put the peeler down for about 5 seconds when I noticed that Kylie was "helping."

Her motions were remarkably correct and actually would have peeled some of the carrot if she had the peeler turned the correct way. After she "finished" the carrot she continued on with the cucumber, the red bell pepper, and the green onion. You just can't hire help this good these days!

Sometimes when I look at Kylie I am overwhelmed with emotion. I never dreamed how much I would love my child. When I was putting her pajamas on her tonight I asked her if she had any idea how much she is loved. She got a sly grin, giggled, and then said what sounded like, "Duh!" Of course she knows...


Cindy M said...

You are a blogging fool these days! Don't get me wrong...I love it! I love seeing what you all are up to! Kylie is just a hoot!

I am feeling very sentimental this week. I can't believe Friday will mark a YEAR since our referral! WOW! The year before seemed like three years long, and this one has FLOWN BY! What a special time to remember...all the flurry of excitement waiting for the call, stalking the FedEx guy, sharing the photos with everyone, waiting for TA, packing and traveling...getting our girls...I think I'm gonna cry! Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Of course she knows how much she is loved! That is why she is becoming secure in many new situations. She knows that regardless of where she is, that her parents will be there to protect her, feed her, comfort her.

Looks like she is becoming a"chef" like her mother. Amazing how she wants to do everything that she sees Mama and Dada doing. Awesome responsibility for parents. Praise God for you two who live with God in the center of your relationship and life!

LaoLao Shultz