And so it begins...

Lately Kylie has been trying to talk up a storm. Some of my favorites include "guh gr" (good girl), "nii nii" (night night) and the most endearing, "iee uh uuo" (I love you). But there's a new word that we're hearing more and more. And while the dreaded two letter word is currently being used playfully, I'm afraid that soon it will be a part of obstinate behavior...

Here we go!



Anonymous said...

Seems I remember vividly a strong-willed little girl who used the "dreaded" word consistently! Could it have been Kristi? haha

Just embrace it. It helps build a woman of strong character and deep convictions.

LaoLao Shultz

Our Journey said...

So funny! Also one of Anne Marie's favorite words now too! We've had to change our words to "we do not do that" or "that's not for Anne Marie" so we try to get her to say something else!