Everybody loves a parade

Saturday we headed to a local "small town" Christmas parade. It was part for fun (who doesn't love a parade?) and part for church outreach as some of our Sunday School class passed out free hot apple cider during the town gathering after the parade.

At first Kylie wasn't so sure about all the noise ~ the fire trucks came first with sirens blaring...

...but before long she was enjoying the action!

"Wow Mommy! This is better than trick-or-treating! People ride by and throw candy at me and I only have to move a few steps to pick it up!"

During the town gathering Kylie spent time with her buddy Susannah...

...spent time cheesing for the camera with Susannah and Katherine...

...and put away a pretty impressive amount of turkey with Grandma during snack time!

Oh, and Santa was a "no go" this year!

I wish that I could fully put into words the joy that I feel to finally be entering the Christmas season as a mommy. Kylie is a ray of sunshine in our lives and I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for looking across time years ago, seeing the child that I was made to parent, and giving me hope through the wait to get her here!


Laurie said...

LOVE your final comments- that first Christmas is SO special when you're a mommy! Enjoy it! Cracked up at the Santa pictures - same was true for us last year- I'm hoping this year will be different. :)

Anonymous said...

What fun to see Kylie experience her first parade. Once she realized that was candy that the people were throwing at the crowds, Kristi had to scramble after her as she was picking some up off the street. Kristi was going after the "Bit of Honey", Kylie was going after the "Tootsie Rolls".

While we were giving our free hot cidar to the crowd afterwards, Kylie had fun with Susannah and Catherine Pollard. At one point, she came up to me wiggling her little fingers and saying "c'mere".
She took me to her diaper bag and pulled out her new mittens and hat and said "burrrr". After putting them on her, I asked her if she was hungry and offered turkey that her Mama had brought along. She said yes so we sat on the bricks and I fed it to her one little bite at a time - because she didn't want to take off her mittens. Don't we all love new things!
LaoLao Shultz

Anonymous said...

Ha ha being afraid of gold ol Santa. That's a fun one
Aunt Traci