It's a veggie, right?

Silly mommy ~ silly, silly mommy!!! (I must repeat this in my head until I remember that turning my back on Kylie is a bad idea...)

This morning I took about five minutes to send out reminders on our family's yearly Halloween bash. When I started Kylie was right beside me in the living room playing with some of her toys. She walked around the corner of the half wall and into the kitchen for a minute, but I knew the pantry door was closed and now that we have cabinet locks installed, I wasn't too worried. While I was finishing the email, Ian came out of his office to ask me something and Kylie rounded the corner again.

Ian says, "What's Kylie chewing on?"

I'm still not too worried, because with the exception of the occasional piece of dog kibble, Kylie has been pretty good about not putting things in her mouth. So cool as a cucumber I say, "I don't know," in response to Ian and then to Kylie say, "Show me."

She opens her mouth super wide (it's a GREAT trick that I highly recommend all new parents teaching their kids!) and I say, "It looks like corn."

Then I start to think, we haven't had corn since last Tuesday night. Ian and I chuckle that she is eating corn that has been hiding in her booster seat since last week, both of course wondering if food poisoning is an issue here... Then he says, "Are you sure it is corn?"

I'm thinking that I'm pretty sure that I know what halfway chewed up corn looks like, so slightly annoyed at Ian's lack of confidence in my food identifying skills, I tell Kylie to, "Show me," again.

Again she dutifully opens her mouth as wide as she can, and this time I also see a bit of what appears to be a bite of carrot. Relieved that at least Ian gave her some carrot on Friday night (much fresher booster seat dining...) I say that she has some carrot too.

Then Kylie takes off to the kitchen again. Ian steps over to the half wall and watches her (through the lens of the camera) and I hear him say, "Are you sure it wasn't CANDY corn?"

I say, "No way, I put it far back on the counter after she spotted it this morning before breakfast, she can't reach it." As the words came out of my mouth, I remembered the step stool was out...

"Yep, right where Mommy left it earlier!"
The step stool was on the other side of the kitchen though, she had to drag it...

"Ah, sweet candy corn. I love you almost as much as Tootsie Rolls!"

"I'm so busted, but can I at least eat this bite before you put the bag even higher?"

Oh well, she ate a good breakfast (cheerios, mandarin oranges, yogurt, and a hard boiled egg that she insisted dipping in Texas Pete ~ is this normal for a toddler?) and candy corn is a veggie, right?


Cindy M said...

OH, YEAH! It definitely counts as a veggie! Something must have been brewing in the air today, because as I was desperately trying to get stuff put together and emailed to church, Caroline was into EVERYTHING she shouldn't have been...or she wanted to sit on my lap and push all the keys on my computer!

Seriously, those photos of Kylie are priceless! I love the "busted" one! She is such a character...and, oh, SO SMART!

Love you guys!

kasie said...

Oh my goodness.....I love these pics :-) We must get the girls together. Too cute!

C.C. said...

I wonder if the girls are holding back just how much they understand so they can have moments such as the "candy corn indcident," as it will now be referred;-)

stephen said...

High-larious! Texas Pete?! Darby screams bloody murder if she ever gets an accidental bite of anything spicy.

Aunt Traci said...

When there is a will there is a way!