My two girls

In August of 2005 while our dossier was somewhere between the VA offices of America World Adoption Association and the Beijing offices of the Chinese Center of Adoption Affairs, we met our first girl, a 4 month old Golden puppy named Maya. For many months there was no news from the Far East, but Maya helped to pass the time. She became our baby and went everywhere with us. She was (and still is) a true people person and spends most of her time ~ when she's not chasing tennis balls ~ within reach of one of us. We figured with her laid back disposition that she'd be a good "sister" to our daughter. Watching her with many of our friend's kids proved our thoughts to be true. All of them (especially Katie!) loved Maya and she loved them back!

As the months rolled by and a year into the wait passed, even Maya seemed to be realizing that something was coming. Last September I caught Maya repeatedly in the nursery looking out the window. It just seemed like she too was waiting for Kylie. After the poor dog got over the shock of Ian and I dancing around the house in circles on referral day, she continued to read our moods and I still think was trying to (check out this link) dig us to China to get Kylie as we waited the torturous 9 weeks to receive our travel approval from the CCAA.

When we first got home there was the terrified stage where Kylie would burst into tears at the mere site of Maya. After the wailing ended, Maya repeatedly subjected herself to physical assault as Kylie would use Maya's hair to pull up from a sitting to a standing position. Despite being "petted" ~ think hammer type massage ~ by Kylie while she's napping, Maya is still crazy about her human sister. I should also mention that Maya's name is one of the few Kylie uses on a regular basis and she calls for her dog first thing each morning. Maya must have realized that Kylie wants her as soon as she wakes up because earlier this week I passed by Kylie's room to see...

Yep, that's Maya curled up in front of Kylie's crib. I thought I had shut the door, but I guess I was wrong.

Tonight Ian was working (Tuesdays and Thursdays are his late nights as he makes up the time from keeping Kylie while I'm at preschool) and I was talking to my mom on the phone. I glance across the living room when I hear Maya doing her "hey, that's mine and I'd like it please" howl to see Kylie holding one of Maya's chew toys above her head. Maya is prancing around in front of her and Kylie looks at me like, "Nothing to see here. Oh, this toy? You aren't really gonna make me give this to her, are you?" The look on her face reminded me of when Traci and I were kids. Traci ~ being the little sister ~ would agitate me to the point that I'd haul off and smack her a good one. Then she'd run to mom with my hand print on her arm, I'd get in trouble, and Traci would have this smug look on her face that said, "Ha ha." Kylie is trying to play that "innocent little sister" act now. Too bad for her that I was on the short end of that stick too many times in childhood. I'm on to her sneakiness!!! When I reminded Kylie that it belonged to Maya and she wouldn't want Maya to play with her farm animals she begrudgingly handed it back to her. Despite the little tiff, moments later they were laying side by side on the floor, just barely touching, each playing with her own toy. Where was the camera? I don't know, but at least I saw the moment and will have it etched in my mind!

On another train of thought, I think Kylie is almost ready to start "helping me" in the kitchen. We may try a batch of brownies or cookies in the next day or so. She loves to climb up and down this step stool and now is in the kitchen most of the time while I'm fixing dinner. Oh, and the lack of pants is simply because I wasn't interested in fighting her when I was done changing the last diaper. She is amazingly strong for her size ~ even the lab technician at the doctor's office noted that ~ and she was ready to be back on her feet! We were in for the evening, so who cares, right?

"No, I know nothing about the teddy grahams that were on the counter minutes ago..."
She's figured out how to move the stool where she wants/needs it ~ I'm in trouble now!


Cindy M said...

AWWWW! Maya was a cute baby, too! It's sweet to see the relationship between Kylie and Maya. Baxter still isn't too crazy about Caroline...I guess he liked being my little baby a little too much!

nai nai miller said...

I love it that Maya and Kylie are so good with each other. They have really become attached. Now that Kylie is a little bigger she is even more gentle with Maya.

I bet Kylie will "eat up" cooking with Mommy (in more ways than one!). Kylie is so good at mimicking that she will catch on to the process very quickly. I would love to see the kitchen after their first baking attempt!!

Anonymous said...

After seeing Katie and Maya together, I knew my would be a great "big sister!" I love that pic!!!


Anonymous said...

You can't keep things hidden from me on the counter anymore. I'll just move my stool and get it!
Seeing Kylie's love and total loss of fear of her "big sister", Maya is so nice. Maya is so faithful.