Giggles, Dippin', and Filchy Fingers

Can I just say that I LOVE morning cuddle time? For the first time this week (my usual cuddle mornings are M/W/F when I'm not at preschool, but we had an early appointment with Dr. D. Monday morning and Wednesday she wasn't feeling well) we had some snuggles. There is not much better on Earth than that!

After plenty of hugs I finally asked Kylie for a kiss. She acted like she was going to oblige and then at the last second pulled away. I teased her and said, "You'd better give me a kiss!" and she acted like she was going to again and then pulled away again. And this time she laughed. So the game began. After about the 10th time she was so tickled with herself that she snorted! That got me laughing and pretty soon we were laughing and snorting together. Good times, good times...

When Kylie finally decided that she was hungry we headed downstairs to rustle up some breakfast. She consumed a half cup of Cheerios, 1 1/2 scrambled eggs, half an English muffin, four strawberries, and a container of banana YoBaby yogurt. She is really getting into the dipping thing ~ as she was picking up a strawberry she stopped with it about halfway up to her mouth. I watched her contemplate and then she tossed the strawberry into the yogurt container. As she took the bite of strawberry with yogurt she smiled and luckily the camera was within reach so that I could capture her arranging her next bite.

A bit later she made her way into Daddy's office while I was cleaning up after Maya's muddy footprints (YAY ~ we FINALLY had some rain!!!). He whispered for me to bring the camera because she had crawled under his desk and popped up on the other side. She didn't notice we were watching her and we caught Little Miss Filchy Fingers (I don't know where Ian got that expression, but that's what he calls her when she "lifts" stuff) in action...

Originally I had planned to go to the mall today to get out of the house, but we ended up staying home reading books and playing. Who knew the ordinary, everyday could be so fun?


C.C. said...

Amen, Sister!!! Isn't everything exciting looking though the girls' eyes:-)
BYW, Darby loves the dipping thing too. We had some Chick-fil-a the other day and she had the fruit cup. She saw me dipping fries into the ketsup and decided to dip her grapes and strawberries in it...and even seemed to like it;-)

Anonymous said...

What a precious little, thief! Love the dipping of her fruit and veggies. Especially when she takes her spoon and just scoops up a bite of Ranch dressing by itself! hahaha
So fun to watch that little head just coming up with new and exciting things to try.