Before Mommy and Aunt Traci had a pool...

...they had a garden hose. Sunday at Mama's we decided to introduce Kylie to the fun Traci and I had as kids before the pool was there. Well, some of the fun anyway! We're saving the "redneck slip n' slide" (a tarp on the hill with the hose) and the swimmin' hole in the creek for next summer. ( And if you're concerned about us breaking water restrictions, Mama is on a well...)

She seemed to enjoy playing with Maya for a while!

"What's that?... You want me to get Maya to drink this water? I don't think she can!"

"Umm, Maya, Mommy wants you to take a drink. Could you hurry up though, I'm kinda busy here!"

"Hey, look at that! Maya does drink out of the hose!"

"If Maya can do it, so can I!"
Note she's back into wearing the "frocks." Did you know that you can get a croc polka dot tan on your feet?
Well, you can! I'll try to get a picture of her bare little tootsies soon...

Then it was time to head back down to the pool. Before she would even consider getting in the water Kylie had to make sure we knew that the horses were near.

"Oh my goodness! There's a horse coming to get us!"

And in case you've never noticed there are two sides to my little girl!

So serious...

...and totally silly! The wink-grin is back!

We don't know how many more lazy Sundays by the pool we'll get this summer, but we sure enjoyed this one!

I don't have the right words to say, but may we never forget our fellow Americans that were lost six years ago.


Cindy M said...

That is, I think, my FAVORITE photo of Kylie ever! I am printing out "Wink-Blink" for the fridge!

Cindy M said...

I mean "Wink-Grin"'s late...I'm old...

Jeff and Valerie said...

Cute photos of Kylie and Maya. The pool looks so refreshing. We only made it to a pool a couple of times!

Anonymous said...

Look at that "calendar girl" playing the the hose water. Love the big grin and all of those pretty little teeth. Goodness, it seems only last month that we were excited about her getting a bottom tooth. Now her little mouth is about full. This is all happening too fast!