Quick, call Stacy and Clinton!

Of TLC's "What Not to Wear" because my girl is gonna need some fashion tips. I'll admit that I always asked my college roommate (who sold shoes from the time she was 16) what shoes to wear ~ and even considered calling her sometimes after we graduated ~ but even I know some things don't belong together!

Oh yes, those days of me eating my words of, "my child will never wear..." have begun to visit. Thankfully they have only been at home so far! We almost went to the vet wearing this combo yesterday ~ thankfully naptime came before we had to leave and while she was sleeping I put her favorite pink sandals back on her feet. (Never thought I'd actually prefer those...)

"What do you mean these brown suede shoes don't go with shorts? The pinks totally compliment one another!"

"So how about these patent leather numbers with this dress?"

And yes, that would be me sick on the couch ~ AGAIN! We hit my other favorite consignment store today (Trendy Tots in Mint Hill ~ another place you should hit if you live in the greater Charlotte area!) and on the way home I started feeling "puny." Ian came to my rescue when I got home and sent me to bed. After six hours of dozing on and off I got bored and came to the couch where we showed Daddy our purchases today. And of course she wanted to wear a new pair of shoes... Imelda Marcos has nothing on Kylie!


Anonymous said...

It is obvious Kylie needs a sleepover in Hickory. But don't say I didn't warn you about the "my child will never..." I am glad she seems to be so into fashion. Anah can't wait to go shopping with her! Hope you feel better soon.


Anonymous said...

Shoes, shoes....sounds just like Mommy! It is so fun watching her develop into herself. Definitely has likes and dislikes. I'll just stand by and watch how you two will loving direct her without breaking her strong "spirit".

Anonymous said...

hahaha Kylie is so funny. (by the way those are cute shoes!) (<-- for some outfits hahaha) =)