Out of comission

Last weekend was our first free Saturday afternoon and evening in several weeks. Ian and I had made big plans for a "family day" to head up to Blowing Rock for a day of shopping in touristy stores (including of course the Mast General Store Candy & More ~ gotta keep stocked on the retro candies!), eating Kilwin's ice cream in the park, walking around nearby Julian Price Park (I have memories of camping there as a kid with my dad) and driving out to Grandview Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway to revisit our first date ~ and our engagement ~ spot.

Instead, I got some nasty 24 hour stomach bug and spent from Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon on the couch. YUCKO!!!

Kylie just couldn't understand why Mommy was not on the floor playing. She's going through that "Daddy's nice, but I'd really just like Mommy to do it all for me right now, thank you" phase. (Someone please tell us that she will grow out of this!) So I decided that while Daddy was finishing working for the weekend I was tired of listening to her whine and pulled her up on the couch with me. She was so snuggly and really stayed still despite being wide awake. Here's how Daddy found us later.

"Daddy, can you make Mommy get up now?"

Once Ian was finished working, he turned into a focused caregiver for me Friday night. After tearing the pantry apart, he managed to find a coveted sleeve of saltine crackers. These had not seen the light of day since Kylie started eating solids and she frantically begged to try one. I'll let you decide what she thought about them...

"Where have you been hiding this culinary delight?"

I didn't get the entire sleeve of crackers to myself, but who can resist sharing with such a cutie?

Saturday morning Ian had to go to a CCC Board of Directors meeting, and I thought that I was feeling better when he first left... After walking downstairs I realized that wasn't really the case, but Kylie REALLY wanted to go outside (she'd be out there 24/7 if she could figure out how ~ our hot, humid NC summers don't even phase her!) so I blocked the stairs on both the upper and lower decks and let her play at her water table while I sat on the steps between the two and watched. After soaking her pajamas ~ I didn't have the energy to try and change her, she was only wearing a diaper when Ian finally got home ~ with water, she focused her attention on her beloved doggy. How lucky we are that Maya eats attention from her human sister up!

"I LOVE you Maya!"

After much prayer, I finally felt sure that I was recovered enough to continue on with our plans for Kylie's dedication the next day.

The good news about our botched trip to Blowing Rock is that this Saturday is a free day for us too and it just so happens that it is "Arts in the Park" day up there. And to make matters even more fun, our god-daughters Anah and Sera are going to go with us. So cooler mountain temperatures, here we come!


C.C. said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, not much worse than a stomach bug. It's so sweet, Kylie's compassion is showing already:-)

Jeff and Valerie said...

Oh so sorry you got THAT bug! Malia and I got it shortly after returning from China. It is the worst! Glad you are better! Although she sure looked cute all cozied up to you on the sofa!

We are going through the same "mommy only" phase. I hope it changes soon too!

Bring on more crackers!

Jeff and Valerie said...

TAG! You are it! Please see my blog.

Cindy M said...

Okay, I'm an official blogger now, so maybe I'll be able to leave comments! Just wanted you to know that Caroline is also doing the "Mommy only, please" thing, and Jon's feeling a little left out again. I keep reminding him that all our kids did this.