Kylie's Dedication Celebration

As we all know, an event like a Christian dedication deserves a celebration! It was such a meaningful service! Kylie was (in my humble opinion) absolutely gorgeous in her white silk dress. The silk shoes we had bought to go with it in China were a bit too small, but we decided to embrace the moment and mix a bit of the Far East (her silk) with a touch of the Deep South (her sandals). Both of Kylie's grandmothers stood up with us as we promised to raise her to know Jesus Christ, as did her Aunt Traci and Uncle Adam. We were also honored to have Beth (my college roomie), and her husband Tim and girls Anah and Sera, my cousin Tricia with her three little ones ~ Adam, Abby, and Andrew ~ and Kylie's honorary grandparents ~ Adam's parents, Ann & Mickey. Friends from church that usually attend the traditional service came to the contemporary service and our Sunday School class also stood up with us. What love from friends, again proving that family isn't just in your blood!!!

Anyway, we couldn't let the moment end without a big celebration, so many of us headed back to Mama's house for a cookout. Before lunch began Kylie was thrilled to see a gift from Ann and Mickey. She headed for it before I even saw it and was rocking before I could even get out the words thank you to them.

"Mr. Mickey and Mrs. Ann, you have great taste! Have we been shopping in the same stores?"

Then the feast began! Uncle Adam prepared his famous Asian style teriyaki burgers and we had all the trimmings like mac-n-cheese, baked beans, corn on the cob, deviled eggs, chips, and a HUGE bowl of watermelon, cantaloupe, and blueberries. Kylie (as well as her Mommy) packed away an amazing amount of food and then it was time to swim.

"I've been really patient, will you put down the camera and get in the water with me now?"

"Hey Daddy, are you getting in too?"

As has happened every day for the past two weeks around here, thunder clouds started to roll in around 4. So we got out of the pool and waited out the weather on the screened porch. Mr. Mickey decided to snack on an ear of corn and of course our little eating machine was curious. It started out with her sitting in a mini-lawn chair beside him accepting one corn kernel at a time, but before long she had worked her way into his lap. (I think he is just as smitten with Kylie as her Uncle Adam)
"This is good stuff! Thanks for sharing!"

Thank you again to all that stood up with us on Sunday! It meant so much that did!

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aunt traci said...

That was such and awesome sight to see half the church stand up with you guys and Kylie. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family, of both blood and church!