Quiet Saturday

We spent Saturday as a quiet family day. Kylie and I slept in really late while Ian went to Josh's track meet. I hate that we missed it, apparently Kylie's Uncle Josh is quite the hurdler!

After a bit we went down to one of the beaches at the lake for annual "Sand Day." The neighborhood association has new sand delivered for the beaches and on beach 4 there are games, food, and a general time for the community to gather and socialize. Kylie appreciated the soft sand and was pulling at her sandals quickly.

Then Daddy showed her the joys of falling sand.

When we got back up to the house we had lunch and then chilled out on the back deck for a while. Kylie and her grandpa continued to get to know one another as Grandpa showed her all of the plants. She is so inquisitive and gentle with them! She will study plant leaves closely and then ever so gently reach out to touch them.

After Uncle Josh got back we let Kylie show off her toys from home. Note the way Kylie is holding her book. You'd never guess that Uncle Josh was so suckered by her cute face that he let Kylie play with his cell phone while Ian and I were helping with dinner. She was showing how she can talk on her phone. (Maybe she was calling her grandmas in NC ~ I know that she misses you both!) Uncle Josh also let us stack some of Kylie's blocks on his chest. She enjoyed picking them up.

Ian and I had a busy Sunday planned, so I was honored with a Mother's Day cake by Ian's dad. I was touched by the gesture! And when cake is in sight... Of course we let the little one have a few bites, her favorite part was the frosting!

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