What's been going on?

My mind continues to be muddled this week. Part is from waves of emotion about Blacksburg, part is still getting used to being a mom (to a child that runs), and I guess I'll go ahead and blame part of it on being one year older...

I have some cute pictures from last weekend, so I'll just let them fill in the blanks!

Saturday Ian had a CCC board of directors meeting, so Kylie and I rode along and then went on to Hickory to visit with Beth (my college roomie) and her girls, Anah and Sera. Kylie thought Anah's sunglasses and pink purse were really cool!

My baby sitting with our God-daughter, Sera. (Kylie wasn't cooperating when I tried to get a photo of her with Anah ~ don't worry pumpkin, I'll get one next time!)

My Aunt Nancy helps Kylie talk on a play cell phone at Tricia's for a cook out Saturday night.

After polishing off her garden vegetables and applesauce, Kylie signs for more on my birthday. (I know the picture is dark, but click on it for an enlargement and you can see much better!) What a smart little one! We're working on the actual sign for drink now ~ she knows the one for eat!

Kylie is pretty happy about getting bananas in exchange for signing for more!

At praise team practice there were plenty of kids. Kylie shares some puffs (after some convincing from mommy) with buddy Zachary ~ he's 9 days older.

Since then I've actually been falling behind in my quest as Kylie's main paparazzi. I haven't even touched the camera until today, but I really do think my girl is cute eating her puffs while sporting her mommy's college logo! Hopefully tomorrow it will begin to warm up, I'm ready for the return of spring.

One thing for sure, regardless of tomorrow's temperatures, we will be participating in the "Orange and maroon" effect! I just haven't decided if Kylie will wear jeans and her baby Hokie onesie or her VT cheerleader uniform. I guess the weather will help me make the decision, either way I know she will be adorable!

And we have one more thing to look forward to tomorrow, we get to see Lottie and her family!!!


Jeff and Valerie said...

Very cute photos Kristi! I am impressed that Kylie will put sunglasses on ... Malia will have nothing to do with them. Hope you are feeling better today!

Leslie said...

I love the signing, my nieces have been taught the "more" sign as well. Very useful, and oh so cute.