Visiting with Lottie

Today Kylie got to see one of her China sisters for the first time since we landed in Chicago on February 16th. It was so good to see Lottie and her family. We really missed her and her parents and enjoyed meeting brothers, Noah and Graham, who stayed in NC with their grandparents during our China adventure. Lottie has adjusted so well to life as a little sister! Her brothers obviously adore her and provide her LOTS of love and affection. We had a chance to catch up on the last few months and let the girls play.

Lottie has become much more outgoing, but one thing that hasn't changed is that Kylie is still a good bit bigger than Lottie. (At Monday's doctor visit we learned that Kylie has grown 1 1/4 inches and gained exactly one pound since we've been home ~ she was even dismissed from formula though our doctor usually recommends for his China girls to stay on formula until about 15 months). Both girls are wearing 12 month clothing, but Lottie's are capri pants and Kylie's cheerleader top doesn't really cover her belly... They sure are cuties, we can't wait to see Lottie and crew again!

Today was national "orange and maroon effect" day for the Hokie Nation. (We were apparently lucky that we already had some VT wear, all the local athletic stores around sold out!) Of course our family participated to show our support of a wonderful university and we had to get another photo to document it. (The clothes are in the washer now so that we can wear them tomorrow for Wesley Weekend at VT).

Here's one other picture I found in my folder from earlier this week. Now if I can just teach her to use a dustpan...


Our Journey said...

Hey guys!
I just read your e-mail last night about you coming to Va this weekend. We actually met up w/ the Shartzer's this Saturday in Roanoke! I'm so sorry we missed you guys - it would have been fun to meet up! If you're ever back this way let us know & we can all try to catch up w/ each other! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mike & Melissa & Anne Marie

Jeff and Valerie said...

How fun for Kylie and Lottie to play together. Looks like in the first picture they were dancing. Love the cheerleader outfit. You three look great in your VTech shirts and I hope you are finding some peace with the event that took place.

Oh and our "baby proofing" of the cabinets consists of hairbands. We didn't go very high tech. We put some super duper (or so we thought) baby proofing on a sharp corner of our fireplace. Malia just pulls it off and hands it to us. Okay so ... whatever (-:

Aunt Traci said...

Oh she is so cute in that cheerleading outfit! Aunt Traci can't wait to teach her some cheers! :)