Easter Egg Extravaganza

Friday Kylie got to experience dying Easter Eggs not once, but twice! Now before you judge and say that it may have been too much excitement for one day, remember that last year for her first Easter she was living in a country that doesn't celebrate Easter!

We started out with a drive to Hickory to have brunch at Beth's. Her girls have been asking her to have an Easter Egg dying brunch for years. Kylie was pretty tired, so I scooped her out of her crib and loaded her into the car in her pajamas. (Yes, the same ones from the previous day ~ we wear them twice around here unless breakfast makes an appearance on them!) We arrived, ate a delicious spread and then had fun with eggs.

"Mrs. Beth, did you say you wanted the marble dye kit or the tie dye one first?"

After a lunch trip to Dante's (for the BEST subs around) and a Target run, we left Beth, Anah, & Sera and headed home. (I did put Kylie in clothes before we went to lunch). Of course my little sweetie cat napped in the car and then wouldn't sleep at home. So a napless Kylie (and parents of course) headed over to Mama's house for egg dying round two.

Mama's house was full with two of my cousins, their kids (4 between them), my sister and her husband along with his parents (Kylie's honorary grandparents), Ian's mom, the three of us, and also my aunt and uncle with another cousin's daughter who were visiting from Ohio. We ate lasagna and a bunny cake and then got to work on coloring 60 eggs. All in all the evening went from about 6 to after 10. What a fantastic evening spent with family!

Jami (visiting from Ohio)was great with Kylie ~ Ian and I actually got to both eat a hot meal at the same time!

Keep dipping everyone, we've got a lot of eggs to do!

Jami and Adam get creative with white crayons.

Abby's favorite color of egg is pink!

Andrew has a new appreciation for Kylie's paparazzi experience! "Enough already!" he says.

We're doing well, most of the eggs are done!

Sara and Kylie use me as a climbing gym after the eggs are done.

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Anonymous said...

Decorating eggs was so much fun this year - I didn't have to beat on all of the adults to do an egg or two. My great neices and nephews really were into doing it.
Believe all of the adults did one or two or at least assisted one of the children. I guess I have a lot of my Daddy in me as he always loved to get ready for the holidays and have family together.
Bingo...have dinner and then color eggs together! Believe we did 6 dozen eggs! Lots of good deviled eggs and egg salad. Thank you family for humoring me.