A no schedule Saturday

Ahh, the joys of days with nothing you have to do! We all slept late (yes, we were blessed with a child that makes up for late nights by sleeping in ~ she slept from 10:30 pm to 10:15 am) and had some family play time on our bed. I love that time together! Kylie is so sweet and affectionate when she first wakes up, she just goes back and forth between us doling out hugs and kisses.

Finally there was a Saturday that we could meet Aunt Traci and Uncle Adam for brunch at Toast Cafe. Adam's parents were in town, and my mom loves to eat there, so the 8 of us met and enjoyed a leisurely meal. Mrs. Ann is so thoughtful and brought Kylie a gift, a bumble-bee purse and an adorable hat. With this crazy weather right now I'm sure we'll get a bunch of use out of it, and it doesn't hurt that it is sooo cute on her!

After making a few pit stops to help the Easter Bunny out (we knew that Kylie was taken care of, but sometimes the EB forgets our moms...) we headed home to rest and eat before the evening entertainment. Kylie enjoyed the hockey game so much last week that we decided to catch the last regular season game. Once again she made watching the game difficult as she boogied each time music played and joined in the clapping during cheers. Despite the fact that the Checkers lost, we had a good time! Kylie wore herself out and fell asleep as we were buckling her car seat. What fun it is to finally be a family of three!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Toast! What delightful homemade food. Love the "Peep a Boo" hat that Ann had for Kylie. She loves to play peek a boo so this hat had special meaning. Isn't she adorable in it?