A slow day

Who would have thought that baby fingernails could double as a deadly weapon? I remind you that every now and then Kylie freaks out when she sees Maya. When she does that she tends to use whoever is holding her as a climbing post and with those talons it is not a pleasant experience...

So of course she needs a baby manicure! However I'm not up to the challenge, so trimming nails is Daddy's job. Luckily she doesn't seem to mind it too much (good thing because her nails grow back so quickly...)

"Hmm, what's Daddy doing? Oh, those clipper things again?"
"Umm, Dad, please watch what you're doing! That could really hurt!""This is taking so long, I'll just entertain myself with my stacking ring!""Let's see here, can I possibly get both feet inside the ring?"
Yeah, pretty sad that since coming home from China life has hit the slow lane. Two weeks ago we spent the day wandering through an authentic Chinese market and today trimming nails rates as a post. Kylie and I have got to find some folks to play with during the day!


Anonymous said...

Kristi and Ian!
I've been meaning to post, but just haven't had a chance. Kylie is precious!!! You two must bring her to director's weekend for a visit, she would be a welcomed all, I am sure! Hope to see you three really soon!
Mary Taylor

LaoLao Shultz said...

Good job, Daddy! Yes, life does move into the slow lane but that lane is always full of sweet pleasures and memories. Bonding,
becoming secure, blossoming love -seem to grow best in these times.

nai nai miller said...

I get so much enjoyment out of reading your blog every day. That picture of Kylie with the ring on her foot is a hoot!!! I never tire of hearing what you are doing, even on a slow day. Thanks, Daddy, for being so good at cutting Kylie's finger nails. It does take a steady hand. Kristi and Ian, you two make an awesome team. Kylie is so fortunate. And we are so blessed to have Kylie with us.

Leslie said...

What's a blog worth if you can't post about nail trimming, eh?