Checking out the new room

As many of you know, Ian and I have put a lot of love into Kylie's room. I almost have to laugh now when I realize that most of the work ~ the pink paint, the wains coating, the shelf, and getting Eeyore from Uncle Alexander in Maine ~ were all finished before Kylie was even born! Since then more has been added, bedding was made, the glider was recovered, a bookshelf and a dresser were constructed, and Aunt Traci painted pictures. Maybe we overdid it? But this child was longed for and many nights when we would rather have been holding her, we focused our energy on preparing a beautiful place for her to play and sleep.

Saturday and Sunday we were too exhausted to even try giving Kylie a tour, but Monday we were all a bit more rested and decided to document her grand entrance. Keep in mind as you read this that Kylie ~ until two weeks and four days ago ~ was accustomed to white walls, a bare crib, and no soft and fuzzy textures (too hard to keep germ free in a room full of babies).

We begin with the grand entrance. By the way, doesn't she look adorable in her little velour sweatsuit? Thanks UL & AC!

"Hmm, this room is really pink and girlie!"
First point of interest, the butterfly bookshelf.

"Hey, this looks like a GREAT place to practice standing in front of! Wonder how many times Mommy and Daddy will let me bonk my head on this?"

(Two notes here, first of all, the framed picture has since moved to the top of the dresser and second, two bonks so far...)
"Wow, look at all these banging toys! Wonder why Mommy keeps trying to open them and say things. And how fun is it going to be to pull them all onto the floor?!?"
After the fascination with the bookshelf (she did like putting her hands into the butterfly cut-outs) we moved on to check out Eeyore. This stuffed rocking horse was a gift to Kylie's Uncle Alexander from Traci and I on his first birthday. At Traci and Adam's wedding Alexander informed me that he thought Eeyore should come to Kylie now. So last year when we were in Maine to see him, Eeyore got triple wrapped in industrial strength garbage bags and became a checked piece of luggage for our trip home. Despite the fact that Kylie had never had a stuffed animal in her short life, she was curious...

"Is this thing gonna lick me like the big yellow thing that Mommy and Daddy keep letting in the house?"
Perhaps the first day seeing Eeyore was too soon to try and ride...

"What, this thing moves? I'm not so sure I like it!"And then there was the fascination with the dresser Daddy made. She really liked the butterfly pulls.

"These are very artsy, they must be from Aunt Traci. I love what she did with this room! And how cool that these down here were painted by my Grandma. More importantly, how can I get them off so I can bang them on the bookshelf?"

Last of all, we looked at the crib. I think that she is really going to like playing with her doll that both grandmas bought her for Christmas! (No, they didn't go in together to buy that one, they both got her the exact same doll. LaoLao sent this one to our house, and NaiNai will keep one at her house.)

"Hey cool, this baby looks a lot like me!"
Kylie is now napping in her crib and doesn't seem to mind it much at all. After she sleeps through the night consistently for a bit longer, we will move her into her nursery for the night.

I continue to be amazed at how well she is taking the monumental changes in her life in stride. Thank you so much for all who have prayed and continue to pray that she will know us as Mommy and Daddy and accept all that has changed for her. We also would love for you to pray for us as we are figuring out this parenting thing! There is so much to learn!


Allison said...

Ooh, Maggie has that doll, too! The days of Maggie's bookcase being beautifully organized have sadly, come to an end. How is Kylie about letting you read to her? Maggie's not a fan. YET. I'm still working on her.
I LOVE the Eeyore rocking "horse."

Wendy Burke and Family! said...

Hi Ian and Kristi! This morning I was badly in need of something uplifting to give me a break from studying. I thought of your letter and was so absolutely delighted to find the link led me to this blog!!! What a beautiful story you are building!! Of course I had to go and get a box of tissues, for all the happy tears; I am so delighted for you all, and you both have been in our prayers for a long time! Congratulations, and great continued blessings to you both! It is wonderful to hear all of your faith and love coming through in this journey. You are both wonderful parents and I know you always will be; but if you ever have doubts continue to just trust in God - your parenting will always be perfect as you are both perfect already, as His iimage!!! God Bless your wonderful family! The pictures are fabulous and your stories are testimonial. You will get that square of material from me after the bar next week! Love and prayers from Wendy, Kevin, and Jonathan!!

LaoLao Shultz said...

With all of the love that you have poured into her room, I am not surprised that Kylie loves her room. Ian, you have done a great job on her dresser and book shelf.
I know that love pours out of every board.
Her room is beautiful!