Bath bliss

We have happy news to report for little Miss Kylie, she now loves her bath!!!

What changed? I'm not sure ~ maybe it was the bath therapy with buddy Caroline before we left China (click here for a review), maybe it was leaving the clean but ugly mustard yellow fixtures in our apartment bathroom. Whichever it was, I am quite thankful!

Allison, you were right, getting home did make a huge difference, thanks for promising! Even the first night we put her in her tub here, she actually enjoyed splashing and letting water dribble out of her stacking cups.
And then there was tonight... the child actually cried as she was getting stripped down. She wanted to get IN the tub and stopped fussing the second her feet hit the water. That is a complete reverse from this time last week. Go figure. We even got giggles out of her tonight as she made the little water wheel turn.
What a relief that our little one continues to adjust to her new life. It is so surreal that she is finally with us. Every now and then I have to pinch myself to make sure it is real! As one of our friends said today, "Wow, it is so awesome to see you guys as parents after thinking about it for two years!"

God is AMAZING in how he has instrumented this bonding process. I will admit that I had fears about how well she would take to us. But the longer we are with our daughter, the more we see that He knew what He was doing in having us wait for her. Of course she may not be perfect (though we think she is...), but she is perfect for us!

And after bath time, she loves to snuggle while drying off. Here is her favorite towel, picked out for her by her loving Uncle Alexander. We can't wait for her to meet you Bubba!


nai nai miller said...

I am continuously amazed at how much joy this little girl brings to our lives. She really is perfect for us. I thank God for his loving kindness in bringing Kylie to us. And thank you, Kristi and Ian, for sharing her precious moments through your blog. That too is a gift.

Stephanie Y said...

It's great to hear that bathtime is much better. Bathtime can be a real blast.

Allison said...

yay! I am so glad! Have you adjusted back to NC time yet? I woke up around 5 every morning for at least 2 weeks after we got home.

Leslie said...

Thanks for sharing so much through the blog. Such a perfect way to celebrate with you.