We're going to China!!!

So how about I got so excited when we got a critical email around 12:45 yesterday that I forgot to update here to let some of my close friends know that our travel authorization finally arrived!
I came to my computer after lunch with Ian (I'm off on Fridays and Ian telecommutes from the house) and decided to check email ~ even though I had sorta written good news off for the day ~ before I started my "afternoon to-do list."

Funny how just a few minutes before we had been saying that we were confused because we had both felt that either Thursday or Friday was going to be "the day." I had told him not to worry because right before I joined him at the table for our gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I had "pulled out the big guns" of prayer and sent an email explaining what was going on to both our Bible Study group and our Sunday School class. I knew that with all them on the job (plus our entire extended family that I had called into prayer service on Tuesday night) that our TA would be here by Monday at least.

Little did I know that it would arrive as we discussed it over lunch...

So when I checked my email, I just started yelling, "It's here, it's here!" and when Ian came running out of his office and into the living room, we just started jumping up and down and spinning in circles. If our sweet dog Maya hasn't thought we were nuts before, I know she did then! But she got caught up in the excitement and started chasing her tail and spinning in circles with us.

Best part is that our tentative departure date (depends on if we can get consulate appointments at the right times ~ please continue to pray about that!) is January 25th. Yes, that is less than two weeks away! Wowzers!!!

China, or more importantly, Kylie, here we come!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kristi and Ian. I am laughing and smiling for you (like you need me to do that). Can't wait to hear more!

LaoLao Shultz said...

WooHoo for the TA! Now for the consulate appointment. I'm doing the "happy" dance!