Today's strategy on getting to China

Have you seen the commercial? (If you've seen it, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about, if not, watch more TV... it's a funny one!)

So we were watching TV last night for a few minutes after praise team practice. Then this commercial comes on for some kind of pick-up truck ~ Dodge maybe, I'm not the target audience for commercials... I can remember what happens on one, but can't tell you who advertised it!

So this truck gets dropped off of something ~ a car carrier, a shipping container... again, I wasn't paying attention until later in the commercial ~ and it is so "heavy and tough" that it makes a HUGE crater. But it doesn't stop there, it continues to fall straight through the earth, passing some big firey creature in the "underworld" and eventually pops through on the other side in some Asian country. So get me one of these trucks, I'm willing to try almost anything right now!

On a totally different note, I just wanted to post about Kylie's Bai Jai Bei (100 Good Wishes Quilt). We have received so many beautiful fabric pieces and even more beautiful wishes from many of our friends and family. I'm still trying to figure out how to share them with you ~ thinking about creating a second blog that I will link from here...

Anyway, there are still some of you out there that haven't sent one yet. I don't in any way want to make you feel obligated, but just wanted to let you know that we'd love for you to contribute. It isn't too late! (I've had several friends and family ask that in the last few days) I'm at this point thinking that we may not get construction started on the quilt until we get home. So as long as you get your wish to our house before we get home from China ~ meaning you wrote the wish before you met her ~ I'll make sure it is included. Leave me a comment (remember that I have them emailed to me to approve now before they post ~ I had some spam on my blog) or email me if you have questions about it in any way.

Thanks for praying for us as we wait! I'd have to have been committed by now if you hadn't been!

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Denise said...

We are in the same travel group and I am feeling the same way - I don't care how we travel just let us travel!! (You may need to remind me that I said that when we are jet lagged in China.)