Signing off stateside...

Let the adventure begin! The bags have been zipped shut for the last time and are in the car. All that is left to do is tonight is shut down the computer and put it in the carry on. Then tomorrow morning we are on our way.

But let me say, as crazy excited as we are to go and meet Kylie, we are sad to leave Maya behind. I mean, who could resist this adorable, pathetic face (she knows something is up ~ she's seen one too many suitcase over the past week...)

Oh, and yes, that is my ski coat she's laying on. So if you notice dog hair in any of the upcoming pictures, just smile and ignore it!


Anonymous said...

Kristi, Ian, and Kylie . . .We are praying for you as we watch it snow! I think snow on the day you leave to go meet your first child MUST be just like rain on your wedding day. . .nothing but good signs and definitely God's way of saying, "I'm right here." We love you all! Jen

Anonymous said...

As a dear friend always says "God be with you". You are all in our prayers.
Love, Steph, Scott & Alex

Jeff and Valerie said...

I look forward to following along on your journey.

Your Maya is just a sweetie, but then she IS a Golden!

Lora said...

Josh and I are praying for you daily as you make this great journey to bring home dear Kylie!!!! I'm SOO Excited for you and Can not wait to meet your new daughter when you get home! Love and prayers,
Josh and Lora Vann :)