FedEx is forgiven for tardiness!

Apparently what happened is that the weather prevented our package from getting here on time. (Umm, rain is worthy of preventing FedEx deliveries? We were tracking that joker and it went from Hernden VA to Indiannapolis, IN to Charlotte and was here by 6:15 this morning. Rain was the worst thing around...) Or at least that is what FedEx told us the first three times we called ~ hey, we waited until they were officially 15 minutes late before we called the first time...

Then later we were told that apparently the driver didn't notice that it was a priority overnight package (which means it is guaranteed to be delivered by 10:30 am). However my mom (who of course knows a lot about FedEx with her company) said that the priority and regular overnight are on different trucks. So it appears it got on the wrong truck?

Whatever the case was, it's here now and I'm admiring my sweet baby's face. I will let you know that 17.2 lbs at 5 months makes an adorable little girl. I just can't wait to kiss those chubby little cheeks!

Oh, sorry about not posting them yet. Our mothers are on the way over and they threatened us if they weren't the first to see her. But pics are coming! And folks at Bethel, watch out cause you're gonna be forced to admire her many times on Sunday!

We're totally in LOVE!

ps ~ I will however attach a map of the provinces of China. Lian Bao Zhen is currently living in the southern coastal Guangdong province.


Cheryl Bennett said...

Ian and Kristi I cannot tell you how our hearts swell at the news of this little one coming to live among our midst. Emily was so excited she could not wait until I got home to have me read the news, she forwarded it to my work email. You two will make such awesome parents. God is so Good!!! I love the picture of your Mom and the tricycle, she is so cute. God Bless both of you and your entire family. We cannot wait to meet the newest member of the Miller family.

Love from Dave and Cheryl

LaoLao Shultz said...

Fed Ex, YIKES! How could they mishandle this amazing package! To see her picture and know where she is living makes it all very real. I really am a Grandmother (LaoLao)!!