I'm not really very good at waiting!

I'm telling everyone else that I've got nerves of steel this week. But here I'm confessing that the previous information isn't so true.

Ian and I have carefully calculated all the information we know as fact from the CCAA (nothing at all) and have compared that to what rumors are floating around in the China adoption cyberworld (just that, RUMORS) and have come to the decisive conclusion that we should be getting "the call" sometime this week. What we have done is found a way to make ourselves one step closer to going CRAZY!

See, usually when I get home Ian informs me if the home phone line rings that "it will be for you." But I frequently yell something like, "I've got raw chicken on my hands!" (which if I'm fixing dinner may or may not be true) when it does ring. That's because we seem to be every telemarketer's favorite number. I'm serious, we tend to get about 10 calls a day!

But instead of fighting over who HAS to answer the phone this week, we've been playing the opposite game! If the phone rings (and it has been ringing A LOT!) it is a physical, no holds barred race to see who can get to it first. We both so much want to be the one to initially answer when Laurel is on the line. Of course whichever of us answers will frantically yell for the other to pick up a phone so that we can hear news of our sweet daughter together.

But I still hope I'm the one to pick up the phone to hear, "Kristi, this is Laurel from AWAA. Is Ian around..."


Chris and Kimberlee said...

Hi There,
I am another friendly NC adoptive parent who went to China to meet our daughter in April of this year. We are very excited for you!
Come by our blog when you get a chance:

Kim Davis

Anonymous said...

My mother always said "not" to pray for patience because God would give you many tests to help you become more patient.....this seems to be where I am now. So, I'm not praying for it's just plain old "please hurry, Lord!!!"
LaoLao Shultz